Aqua Sphere Kayenne vs Kaiman

Wearing goggles can give you many benefits aside from being the eye-protection. Many of the goggles are well-designed to make you cooler when being attached. Both that offers high-quality goggles are the Aqua Sphere Kayenne and Kaiman. Aqua Sphere Kayenne is a very well designed goggles, with a variety of colors, sizes, lens shades, and it is a comfortable goggles to be worn daily. Likewise, we also have Kaiman which is a pretty solid goggles that offer various features and functions. So if you want to learn more, check the explanation below.

Aqua Sphere products are in the spotlight here; it is because Aqua Sphere is making high-quality goggles which consider every little aspect of their products. They deliver the critiques very well into the products which caused the products having so many features that fit the user’s demands. For the features itself, Kaiman has the plexisol type lens which has 100% UVA and UVB protection, 180-degree-distortion-free visibility, advanced fit technology, anti-fog, and many other things. Not far from Kayenne, Kaiman also has the 180-degree visibility and 100%UVA protection. The lens is an ultra durable Plexisol which is a good anti-fog and scratch resistant lens.

Kayenne is a good daily goggles that you love to wear without bothering your daily activity. It is pretty much comfortable when used. The visibility is excellent in every situation, but it is especially good for the unobstructed view of the water conditions. To add it even further, the Kayenne has the Quick-Fit Buckle which allows you to adjust the fit quickly. You will have an adjustment system that is not that tight compared to the other same style goggles. Not far from Kayenne, Kaiman is pretty much had the similar approach. It is easy to buckle the goggles and comfortable to be worn. It has a high overall quality that is resulting in the customer’s trust for the Aqua Sphere Brand. With 8 million pairs have been sold around the world, it is simply proved that these goggles are innovative and suitable for the customers. In money-wise, both can be considered not cheap but also not expensive. Both items are affordable as far as you want a nice google for your activities.

- Oversized, ultra durable Plexisol lens for 4-point expanded, 180-degree visibility
- One-piece, hydrodynamic microframe made of hypoallergenic Softeril
- Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens
- Plexisol
- Imported
- Easy-adjust buckle system
- Plexisol® lens
- 100% UVA and UVB protection
- 180-degree distortion-free visibility
- Scratch-resistant coating

In overall, both goggles are simply fascinating and innovative. Aqua brand products have a high standard which gains them the trust from the customers. So if you love to walk around with a nice and also functional accessory, you definitely need these goggles.