Babolat AeroPro Drive vs Wilson Pro Staff 97

Choosing the right racquet is almost always a subjective matter, mainly because every player has different needs, conditions, and preferences. Even so, knowing the differences between different racquet models is still essential. Without knowing the differences between all the racquets, it can be very difficult to tell which one will suit you the best. In the article below, we are going to see the differences and comparisons between Babolat AeroPro Drive and Wilson Pro Staff 97. Both are popular racquet models used by many tennis players, but they do have some important differences!

Both Babolat AeroPro Drive and Wilson Pro Staff 97 are available in several grip sizes. Both have the 16 mains / 19 crosses string pattern. They are roughly about the same length. But the head size of Babolat AeroPro Drive is a little bit larger than Wilson Pro Staff 97. In addition, Babolat AeroPro Drive is also slightly lighter than Wilson Pro Staff 97. This is apparently because of the construction materials. Babolat AeroPro Drive is made from braided kevlar, graphite, and basalt fibers, whereas Wilson Pro Staff 97 is made from graphite alone. Both the larger head and lighter mass make Babolat AeroPro Drive quite easier and more comfortable to play. You can reach the ball more easily with a wider head, and your arm will thank you for swinging a lighter, less demanding racquet.

If you are looking for a tennis racquet that is easier to play, you will find Wilson Pro Staff 97 to be more attractive. Compared to Babolat AeroPro Drive, it is certainly easy and comfortable to play, thanks to the wider head and lighter mass. In addition, it also has excellent touch and feel, allowing you to hit the ball with certainty and confidence. Wilson Pro Staff 97 is generally great for making slices and volleys.

On the other hand, Babolat AeroPro Drive is better than Wilson Pro Staff 97 in returns, groundstrokes, and topspins, making it more of an advanced racquet for more skilled players. Babolat AeroPro Drive also has a higher string tension, which enables the racquet to hit harder and with more power to send the ball at a higher speed.

- Pure Aero. Latest AeroPro Drive for 2016. Endorsed by Raphael Nadal
- For strong intermediates and advanced Players
- Comfortable, high control, high spin, all court racquet
- Strung with top quality string by USRSA Master Racqut Technicians
- This Pro Staff delivers even more power which is perfect for the player who is an Attacker
- The new Pro Staff has a larger headsize and a bigger sweet spot
- Same pure, classic Pro Staff feel that players love
- This racquet comes unstrung and without a cover

Wilson Pro Staff 97 should be your choice if you are looking for something easy to play. But, if you want more power and better topspins, then Babolat AeroPro Drive is the way to go.