Babolat Pure Drive VS Wilson Blade

Tennis is a fun sport but you can’t play tennis without a racket and a good racket is very important for your game as well as performance. Plenty of options to consider based on your play style or preference like Babolat Pure Drive Vs Wilson Blade that are ideal for players who want a balanced control and power. These popular rackets are the choice of many and you may like them as well so let’s see below about which to go for. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Tennis Racket Types
  • What are Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade
  • How are the Design of Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade
  • How are the Groundstroke with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade
  • How are the Volley with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade
  • How are the Serves with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade
  • How are the Returns with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade
  • Babolat Pure Drive Vs Wilson Blade

Racket Types

Tennis is both sport and exercise that are not only fun but also useful to help you stay fit. Of course there are also lots of other interesting sports but this one requires you to have a tool to play. This may hinder some people from starting with the hobby because of the overwhelming amount of options and budget. However, don’t let it stop you because there are many affordable options too. Not everyone will love the same racket and not all rackets feel good on your hand either.

In general, there are 4 types of tennis rackets known as power racket, control player racket, tweener racket, and modern player racket. This category is based on the player’s swing type that can be slow and compact, fast and powerful or moderate that is in between. 

Power tennis racket as the name suggests is designed to help players to hit with more power and depth with less effort. This type of racket is often great for beginners who are not developed on the proper technique or skill to generate enough power yet. Usually people who just started the hobby will often have shorter and compact strokes but it then evolves with more experience. In addition it can be a great solution for smaller players both men and women who physically can’t generate as much power.



Control tennis racket or also known as a player’s racket is the opposite of a power racket because for this option, the player will opt for the less power but in exchange for control and ability to place the ball more accurately. To use the racket optimally, you need to have the basic skill as well including fitness to generate the amount of power. This is why they are ideal for experienced players with fast and full swings. You can also opt for this racket to develop skills, especially with a hard hitting style.

Tweener rackets sit somewhere in between the two above and perfect for intermediate players, seasoned users, or anyone who plays tennis casually. Modern player’s racket is quite new and their characteristics are heavier than standard length model but with slightly wider head size and also higher stiffness rating. As you can expect, this type of setup in general will generate more power and spin. This is often preferred by professional players as the game evolves over the years.

About Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade

There are lots to consider because not every player is the same so it is best to know about your style first then select the racket that can complement the play. We may want to change it to another racket as the skill develops but it is normal and as we gain more experience, it gets easier to choose one as we can feel exactly which of them will perform better. If this is your first racket, it is probably wise to ask around which seems to fit you best.

We can also see what the popular rackets are because chances are you will like them as well. For those with favorite brands already, we can just look into their collection and select one to go for. Babolat and Wilson are easily some of the top brands to consider so it is easy to recommend their rackets. However, just like any company, they are going to deliver so many options at once. Depending on which seems to fit you the most, our choice may be different as well. Read Also: Babolat Pure Drive VS Yonex EZone 100 Here.

Some of the most versatile options from their collections are Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade that should be ideal for so many users due to how balanced their performance is. These rackets are loved for how they can provide both control and power at the same time and we do think they are ideal for both beginner and seasoned players yet, the two are not exactly the same. Price wise Pure Drive is quite above and this can be a consideration too especially for a first racket.

Many of us may want to limit the budget to a certain number and in comparison, price really shows its difference between the two. We do think they are similar with plenty of differences and what we agree on is how they are easy to get used to. Personally if you can spend the fortune we will recommend getting the Pure Drive instead because this is an overall better racket. It is both powerful and flexible that you may prefer better when achieving greater performance. 

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade Design

Before getting into what the Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade can offer, let’s first see the rackets but let us mention the Blade we have today is the V7 98 16 X 19 because you can find other variants as well in the collection. From the outside, somehow you can already tell how they can perform and if you see closely the Blade has a narrow frame or thinner throat compared to Pure Drive and so in general it will generate less power.

For the fashion side, we do think they look cool but subjectively we do think blue looks cooler and for comparison the Pure Drive is also slightly lighter which we do think Blade will be when first checking out the unit. For the 16 x 19, Pure Drive is also wider on the head at 100 sq in and Blade at 98 sq in. The length is the same and the balance point is located at the same spot as well. Not so surprisingly, Pure Drive is stiffer compared to Blade.



Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade Groundstroke 

Moving further, let’s see what Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade can offer starting from the groundstroke. In this part Babolat is more powerful and you can definitely feel it for how easy it is to generate strength with this racket. This defensive position can be easily turned into an aggressive one if you want to for how easy it is to shoot back. The Blade on the other hand is good too but we don’t get the same level of force with it which is surprising since it feels heavier to swing.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade Volley

Walking up towards the net, both Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade are also still great. It seems people love Pure Drive when playing at the base but this racket is not lacking at all when you bring it closer. It feels flexible to let you react faster and also easy to control that some people recognize this racket as a point-and-shoot for how convenient they get. Wilson Blade makes you feel connected and still easy to get to the ball but it doesn’t get as aggressive as Pure Drive.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade Serves

Next is for the serves performance and this is actually our favorite part for Pure Drive. It can be subjective but this racket is powerful for lots of tasks and serve is the strongest point in the game. You can hit really well with this model and extremely useful if you are the type who often lacks force when hitting serve. It is a great choice as well for players with adequate power since the racket will definitely improve it even further. 

Blade feels like the tune down version of Pure Drive; it still feels good with flat or spin but it doesn’t deliver the same level of force. However, due to this some people may actually like the Blade better since they can hit more accurately.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade Returns

Lastly for the returns with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade, we are going to say the same thing of what we have said above with Pure Drive. This is the second best application of the racket and it proves that you don’t have to be a defensive player but also an aggressive one by how good it hits back the ball with more power. The maneuver of Blade is actually pretty good and it is well controlled but since it has less force, the player has to put more into their swing as well. 

Babolat Pure Drive Vs Wilson Blade

There are lots of good rackets in the market and you can find lots of amazing options as well. Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Blade are similar but are different and in general comparison the Pure Drive is more powerful. It is overall better whether you play defensive or offensive but Pure Drive is also stiffer so some people may not like it. Blade is more modest in comparison but it is also more affordable and flexible so we can’t complain too.

- The 2021 Pure Drive features an attractive new mirror cosmetic for one of the best selling tennis racquets in the world.
- SWX Pure Feel
- Mirror Cosmetic
- HTR System
- Slightly more head-light than last version for better control over racket head, FeelFlex features proprietary carbon mapping strategically placed throughout hoop for additional flexibility and better connected-to-the-ball feel
- Clean tri-colored design with lime green, black and silver elastic paint, Top Grip Taper provides better feel for top-hand grip placement
- Reduced spec variance (+/- 5.5 g) for added consistency from frame to frame, Braided Graphite + Basalt composition improves the flex of a racket to produce enhanced feel and control
- Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response


You can go with any of these rackets based on which seems to meet your preference the most. In comparison we will recommend getting the Pure Drive because it is an overall better performing racket whether you play on the base or upfront.