Babolat Pure Drive VS Wilson Clash

Practice makes perfect but it is also necessary to have the proper equipment to help you improve the performance and overall being more comfortable with the activity, just like a tennis racquet. It is important to find the suitable racquet such as Babolat Pure Drive Vs Wilson clash that are ideal for many players for their good control and power. If you are also considering the options, let’s see below about which to go for since they are not exactly the same.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose for a Tennis Racket
  • What are Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash
  • How are the Design of Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash
  • How are the Groundstroke with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash
  • How are the Volley with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash
  • How are the Serves with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash
  • How are the Returns with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash
  • Babolat Pure Drive Vs Wilson Dash

Choosing the Best Tennis Racket

Tennis is fun and this is a very healthy activity yet they are also fun too. We love sports compared to most exercise because it gives a sense of achievement when you score better and since we can play with other people, it is also less boring. They are as beneficial as any other cardio and since we are using both upper and lower body, it is a very effective way to reduce body weight. However, they also need a specific place and equipment to perform.

Just like how we choose our bike, we need to choose the tennis racket as well. This equipment is the one used to hit the ball and they need to act as the extension of your arm too.  Different rackets are designed for different people based on their body size and strength so we can match the option with how we want the performance to be. For example, a player with stronger force will need something that improves control instead of producing more power.

Based on the specs, the wider the frame of a racket, the more force or power they can produce for you. Usually you will see professional players have the thinner ones since they don’t need to generate the amount of power as the athletes are already powerful. The frame we mentioned is those two arms located below the head or its width that is also called the throat. In addition, typically taller players with longer arms can generate more power too so your body can be helpful when choosing the ideal racket.

Tennis is a game of swing where you swing the racket to hit back ball delivered by the other player on the other side. Players can be easily separated into fast and slow or average speed swings which professionals can tell by just looking at our swing. Faster swing will often generate greater power so we can choose the less powerful racket while on the opposite slow swing players can opt for the rackets with thick frames to help them generate more power.

There is also player style and it is usually between aggressive and defensive. Aggressive players are going to desire something that helps them to hit the ball harder and this leads to a powerful racket. For those who prefer to play defensively, we want to use the pace of the ball our opponent is making and this makes a racket with a narrower frame a good choice. This category is wise to be decided after we make choices based on the two factors above.

About Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash

Because there are so many good options, it can be confusing to choose one and this is normal since we need to get the ideal product to make the experience better or at least pleasant and fun. We do think choosing one based on your body and ability is the best decision but you can also buy anything that attracts you the most such as the racket of your favorite athletes or the hot items that are popular for some reason. 

The choice is all yours and sometimes it is very convenient to see what your friends with similar preferences are using too since there must be a reason why they like the racket. Babolat and Wilson are some of the most common choices. They are carrying some of the most popular rackets that seem to fit a wide range of people or players so if you are also planning to shop quickly, we do think there are some interesting models to consider.

For those who want control over power, Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash are some of the best from their collection. You may have heard of these rackets before and how many people adore the two. We have talked about the other Babolat racket in Babolat Pure Aero Vs Wilson Clash and do love the two but they are made for different types of players. For these two, they are far more similar in comparison and seem to be ideal for players who need control instead of power.

However, they are not exactly the same because the experience when playing these rackets are not the same too. Side by side, the Pure Drive is probably slightly more powerful, especially on the serve but the overall experience is very similar. We love how they are good at giving the ability to hit back the ball or returning the serve. We also think that they are flexible so we can hit quite aggressively if you play as an offense.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash Design

Before getting into what they can offer, let’s see the rackets first and as you can expect, their look is also very attractive. The rackets are very much the same but they do have different shades and fashion options. We have no issue about how they look and if you prefer something that is more eye-catching, we will say that Pure Drive does give this sense of “speed” due to the bright blue shade it has while Clash is more subtle.

Just like most rackets, you will find several hand sizes for both of them to match with your own preference. In comparison, Wilson is just a few grams lighter than Babolat so we are unsure whether it makes a good difference in real-life or not. The material is also made of graphite, with the same string pattern and a balance point almost at the same spot yet Pure Drive is more on the center. The head size and length are also identical for both rackets.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash Groundstroke

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash can offer starting from the groundstroke performance. We do think they are pretty similar here but it seems that the Pure Drive is slightly tweaked over the older variants so it may not feel as familiar. They are similarly powerful and flexible so it is easy to generate head spin but the Clash somehow feels more connected to our hand even from the first trials. 

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash Volley

When hitting back the volley, these rackets are very similar and still feel the same to the previous groundstroke. The Pure Drive somehow doesn’t feel as flexible here yet it is not firm as well so it is a bit hard to explain. It gives a good maneuver and control for the players but compared to the Clash it is still not as flexible. Clash on the other hand not only provides control but also generates the information or feedback that you can use to dial the next shots.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash Serves

Next we also want to talk about the serve with Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash which is probably what set the two apart the most. Those who pay attention to the serve will usually want something that is powerful enough to generate more power and probably because the Clash is flexible, this racket is just good in this area. Pure Drive is able to give you a noticeably more impact and this is great if you need something to boost the power.

Even those with an already good power feel how impactful Pure Drive is on their hand. It is great for fast serve, giving you that spin and depth as well as confidence when starting the game. The firm construction and crisp feel do help a lot in improving the served experience.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash Returns

Lastly for the returns, Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash are pretty much the same. We do think they are great for players who are more aggressive in returning the ball since their maneuverability are few of the very prominent points. In comparison, Clash seems to be just slightly better but it is probably subjective since they can generate plenty of spin for a powerful hit. They also don’t lack at all in control which makes the two versatile.

Babolat Pure Drive Vs Wilson Dash 

Both Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Dash are good rackets which are versatile for a wide range of players and what they want to achieve with the equipment. They are also more similar than different yet, you can feel the difference too especially on the serve since Pure Drive is a very ideal racket at generating the power while on the other hand Clash is more on the control and flexibility.

- The 2021 Pure Drive features an attractive new mirror cosmetic for one of the best selling tennis racquets in the world.
- SWX Pure Feel
- Mirror Cosmetic
- HTR System
- The Clash 100 matches all the hype through a combination of best-in-class control and flexibility. This is achieved through a head-light balance in conjunction with FreeFlex, an all-new technology that features proprietary carbon mapping - a construction that allows the frame to bend in new dimensions for ultimate ball pocketing and added dwell time
- StableSmart frame geometry preserves the stability through the swing, creating a racket that achieves extraordinary flexibility with best-in-class stability. Join the racket revolution and reach levels of confidence in your game that you've never felt before
- The Clash 100 comes in two versions, this Clash 100 for Intermediate to Advanced players and the heavier Clash 100 Tour for Advanced players which is in another Amazon listing.
- Head size 100 in2 - Length 27” - Beam 24./5mm - Unstrung weight 10.4oz / 295g - Strung weight 11oz / 312g - Unstrung balance 31cm - Strung balance 7 pts HL - Swing weight 312 - Stiffness 55 - String pattern 16x19


You can go amazing with any of them based on which seems to fit you the most but we do think it is easy to make the choice because if flexibility and maneuverability are your main focus, the Clash will be the choice while if power is your preference, the Pure Drive is great for serves.