Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Juice

There are quite a lot of similarities between Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Juice 100S, at least on the looks. They are about the same size, and they even weigh similarly. The two tennis racquets are available in the same price range. However, they do have their differences. For example, Babolat Pure Drive’s raised sweet spot has allowed better stability and control, whereas Wilson Juice 100S’s open string pattern offers lots of spin potential. Continue reading for the details on the comparisons between these two tennis racquets.

Design and Construction
Each of the two racquets measures 27 inches long and weighs about 11.2 oz. Their head size is 100 square inches. The large head makes them suitable for beginners, as it will be much easier to hit the ball. However, Babolat Pure Drive has a slightly lower swing weight than Wilson Juice 100S. So, Babolat Pure Drive will be more maneuverable, whereas Wilson Juice 100S will deliver more power.

Babolat Pure Drive’s frame is constructed from graphite, which is a highly durable material. The racquet has a string pattern of 16 mains x 19 crosses. This string pattern is common on many racquets, as it allows a good balance of flex and stability.

On the other hand, Wilson Juice 100S’s frame is made of basalt fibers that are woven with Karophite Black. It is strong and sturdy. It has an open string pattern of 16 mains x 15 crosses. Such string pattern enables greater flex and spin, but the consistency isn’t very high. If you prefer a heavy racquet that hits big, take a look at Wilson Pro Staff vs Blade.

Serve Games and Returns
Many people agree that Babolat Pure Drive us able to boost the user’s power and effectiveness on serves. The relocated sweet spot makes it much easier to the player to deliver strong, powerful serves with impressive ball speeds. The spin potential is pretty good. Babolat Pure Drive can also benefit the player on serve returns because the extra power, stability, and feel allow the player to return aggressively with great confidence.

On the other hand, Wilson Juice 100S is even more powerful. It is very easy for the user of this racquet to deliver strong and fast serves. The same thing applies to the serve returns. The power is incredible. However, this racquet is not suitable for all players; you need to be more careful than usual if you don’t want to overhit.

Groundstrokes and Volleys
Babolat Pure Drive provides great control and responsiveness on the stringbed. Thus, it is quite easy to use. It allows the player to trade groundstrokes very easily. The enhanced control also enables the player to move from defensive to offensive quickly. The balanced prowess makes it suitable for virtually all players.

Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Juice 100S are different because, although they both offer great power, Wilson Juice 100S has much more spin potential. It can create a lot of opportunities off the baseline. However, it struggles with consistency and control, especially on flatter shots. So, it is not suitable for players who prefer to play consistent, counter punching games.

- FSI Technology for a higher sweet spot and more responsive contact zone
- Woofer technology on grommets for increased contact time and control
- Cortex Dampening System eliminates harsh vibrations for better feel
- Elliptic Design for greater resistance to torque and flex with no added weight
- EVO Beam with varying beam thickness for less torque and more responsiveness
- Designed for a wide range of playing types and styles
- Mid-plus head and lightweight modern frame design allow speed and maneuverability from the net and the baseline
- Amplifeel™ 360 combines a full Basalt handle and shock-absorbing urethane polymer for comfort and power without added weight
- Spin Effect Technology delivers maximum spin for exceptional movement on every shot
- Parallel Drilling delivers a larger, more forgiving sweetspot and livelier string bed

If you love a racquet with lots of power and spin potential for hard-to-read shots, Wilson Juice 100S will probably impress you. Otherwise, if you prefer to play more consistent games, Babolat Pure Drive is the way to go.