Barnett Recruit Crossbow Review: Compact and Lightweight

Doing some extreme activity has become some people hobbies. There are also some intense activities like the hiking, biking, or even hunting. Male probably loves these sports especially the hunting. Hunting is a very challenging activity where you need the stamina, focus, and tenacity. Even though those are important aspects of hunting, but you also need good equipment to support it. In this case, we have the well-known crossbow, the Barnett Recruit Crossbow. This crossbow has been known for its fantastic specifications. The Barnett brand itself is promising enough as it has been known for its existence in hunting equipment. Recruits are very different from other crossbows; it is made for the mall-framed hunter. Its technology makes it easy to hold and fire while running. So if you are interested in Barnett Recruit, let’s see the explanation below.

Power and Accuracy
The power and speed of this crossbow are around 300 fps. You must note that this speed is produced when using the 400-grain arrows. The Recruit is also dealing about 85 lbs kinetic energy when shooting the arrows. This power is powerful enough to shoot down the wild animals. The crossbow is also pretty dependable for the hunting, and it is light enough to be carried everywhere. However, you must notice that Recruit crossbow is subtle and the accuracy seems to lack compared to the bigger crossbow. The possible range of shooting is just about 25 yards; you will find that shooting a target like 40 or 50 yard is pretty difficult with this crossbow.

Barnett Recruit pretty much has the bigger impact in the small-scale hunting rather than a big one. You can count on this crossbow to shoot down a small target. You can carry it everywhere with ease as it is very light and you can even do the shoot and run strategy with this crossbow. The maneuvering factor in Barnett Recruit is very dominant. However, you also need to sharpen your skill and stamina because Barnett Recruit is not pretty good in accuracy and power which is why you need to get as close as possible to the target.

- Draw weight: 130 lbs - Allows for the integration of a crank cocking device - Finger reminders pass through fore grip - Perfect for women and small-framed hunters

Barnett Recruit is a very decent crossbow for the small-scale hunting. The biggest reason why you buy this is probably about its weight. It is not hard to carry this crossbow, not as hard as other big crossbows which will prove to be a problem for a longer session. So if you want a simple and good maneuvering crossbow, then Barnett Recruit is a good choice.

Specifications of Barnett Recruit Crossbow
• Draw weight: 130 lbs
• Comes with a quiver, three 20″ Arrows, a Premium Red Dot Sight, and the Rope Cocking Device
• Allows integration with a crank cocking device
• Adjustable butt stock
• Finger reminders pass through the fore grip
• Highly recommended: climate controlled storage and waxing the string every ten shots. When loading the crossbow, always make sure the odd colored arrow fletching is facing down.
• Read the user’s manual thoroughly and reference safety videos before using.

Pros of Barnett Recruit Crossbow
– Quite compact and lightweight, suitable for people with small physicality
– Decent stopping power for hunting small game
– Includes a red dot sight, which is quite handy and reliable to enhance the accuracy
– You can adjust the butt stock to fit your specific preference

Price of Barnett Recruit Crossbow
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