Body Rider vs ProForm

Exercising is required to keep our body healthy and prevent some lifestyle related diseases as well as to keep our body shape in check. However, not all of us are willing to go to gym for various reason and spend some time cycling or running outside for a quick calorie burning session. If you still want to work out but at home, try using cardio fitness machine like Body Rider vs ProForm. They are very reliable and easy to use so check them below first to decide.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
• Are you currently looking for a Fitness Equipment
• What are Body Rider and PreForm
• What Body Rider and PreForm Look Like
• What Body Rider and PreForm can offer to you
• Body Rider vs PreForm

Fitness Equipment
With the rising awareness about health in our society almost worldwide, human are continuously looking for a safer and healthier lifestyle where we can increase our live expectancy and avoid the common health issues as we age. People are beginning to opt for an organic food, a more sustainable option, trying to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and keeping their body active as a way to stay away from the threatening health issues that may threat our lives if not paid attention to.

We can see our collage start to carry their own food from home, replacing high sugar soda and juice with water or infused water then see more and more people registered on the nearby gym. Healthy lifestyle is gaining so much popularity and it is for a good reason so it is not wrong to also try and stick with them in case you are not particularly thinking about them or doing them already for the benefit we can achieve from them is huge for now and then in the future.

To start a healthier lifestyle we should begin with considering what we put in our body because we need to consume a more balance diet and if possible removing the processed food little by little from our menu. The next step that we can do together is move the body whether it is by using a stair instead of elevator for a shorter distance and try using bicycle than commuting with subway or car from home to office and vice versa when possible.

For those with a higher or harder to achieve goal, we may also need to subscribe to a nearby gym because while healthier diet and light exercise will keep our fitness level in check, those with goal like losing body fat and building muscle may not getting the appropriate amount of training or exercise from these basic activities. Gym is a very useful help since they have many machines and instructor to help you aiming the proper place and give you recommendation on what to eat or which machine to use.

But, let’s be honest that not all of us are fond and enjoy going to gym because it may not the most comfortable place to go and it can be very personal but, it should not hinder us from being healthier. If you are also not enjoying the time spent in a gym and prefer to train alone, we can instead purchase a fitness machine or two for home use so we can enjoy the benefit anytime. Read also: Schwinn A40 vs 430 here.

About Body Rider
Fitness machine or equipment are available widely and they have so many of them but in general, they are made to be a cardio or weight type so it is better to set your goal first and see which machine will benefit you the most. Each one of them have their own advantage and disadvantage but are very useful to keep your body moving and routinely trained. Weight lifting is popular for muscle building but also for weight loss but if you are here, chances are the cardio type fit you better.

This type of exercise is increasing heart rate which is why it is good for people who want to increase their cardiac health as well as increasing metabolism and is a good way to maintain body weight yet for those with a fat loss goal, you may need to try the HIIT since it will burn your energy faster. If you only need a low impact to keep the body move and don’t have a higher goal that need a more intense workout, using a low impact elliptical trainer and a strider is a nice option without putting much stress in your knee and back.

One of the most popular elliptical trainer available in the market is the BR1830 from Body Rider. This elliptical machine is many people’s to go with fitness machine because it is made for beginner and those who never have one before as well as people who are not ready to spend much yet on a higher model. What’s amazing is even though it is affordable, it already comes with rich features as well as reliable durability for the user to utilize and working up a sweat.

Body Rider Design
The elliptical trainer from Body Rider is looking like any similar machine out there but unlike some, this specific model is not featured with seat so we can only pedal while standing up. It is coming in parts so we will need to do some assemble when gathering all the parts together but when fully formed, its footprint is 35.6 by 20-inch with a height around 57.7-inch. The whole weight is 58 pounds and can be used by teenage or adult up to 250 pounds.

Body Rider Features
Similar like many entry-level elliptical trainer, this model is also utilizing a fan resistance system which mean it has the same movement like a rowing machine especially those from Stamina Fitness. Its movement rely on the spin of fan as the air generate the resistance required for your workout combined with friction belt that we can adjust from time to time as needed. What we don’t really prefer is the knob used to adjust the resistance don’t have a number so we can’t see the specific level.

The movement of Body Rider features a short action stride so it stimulates walking or marching rather than running so it is suitable for people with a health issue such as back pain or older people who can’t put much pressure on their knee. It has a handlebar with a quick disconnect knobs so we can easily move them to choose between the dual action and fixed action. As for the console, the Body Rider especially the BR1830 can view information such as distance, speed, time passed and calorie burned.

About ProForm
Because there are so many good models or fitness machines out there ranging in different price and manufacturer, it is also good to see what the competitor has to offer for we can see which that serve the better benefit and if you need something more than a basic elliptical trainer, the Cardio Elliptical Trainer from ProForm is a nice option to go. The promise of this machine is a to burn calories 4x faster than a treadmill so those who need to burn fat may want to check what it can do.

ProForm Design
When first seeing this ProForm machine, the first thing that comes to our mind is it looks kind of similar with a stair or climbing machine thanks to the fairly upright design and bulky build. It is fairly huge if compared to an elliptical machines we often see in the market and overall, it has a footprint about 39 by 30-inch with a height about 60-inch and weighing around 180 pounds. While the machine is indeed bulky and not very easy to move, it can carry body weight up to 350 pounds which is higher than most elliptical.

ProForm Features
Moving deeper into the ProForm elliptical machine, this model is working with magnetic system as opposed to fan and rubber band resistance so what we can expect is a nice, smooth and quiet exercise as well as more durable without much care. However, what we love the most from the movement is it resembles a climbing motion that will put much pressure and require more energy, moreover, when combined with the punching motion with its handlebar to train various muscle at once.

To accommodate beginner and those who require more, we can adjust the resistance up to 28 pound and what’s great about it is we don’t have to fiddle with knob or manual adjustment anymore for all is adjusted through the screen so we can adjust while moving. ProForm elliptical trainer comes with 32 workout apps inside which is designed by professional trainer to guide user through high intensity interval training and more traditional workouts.

For those who also use iFit, this machine can be paired with your app through a tablet and if you love working out with music, the console also allow us to connect smartphones or MP3 player as well as featured with fan for an extra breeze while exercising.

Now, let’s compare Body Rider with ProForm. As you may already know, the model we are picking in this article are very different for the first is basic, entry-level machine while the latter is a high-end and richer in features yet, the prominent difference is their movement itself since Body Rider is a true elliptical as opposed to ProForm which is more like a climbing machine that require more energy to use and not as low-impact as the other.

Body Rider vs ProForm

- Patented elliptical motion design
- Chain driven fan wheel runs quietly and smoothly
- Dual-action handlebars allow upper and lower body workouts
- Includes a workout video to guide user on product usage
- Go to to redeem your one month iFit membership and activate your equipment for unlimited workout programs and experiences
- iPod compatible audio, 7" backlit display, 32 workout apps, 24 resistance levels, 5" elliptical stepping path with 10" vertical
- Integrated tablet holder, EKG grip pulse heart rate monitor, integrated in-handle controls, commercial-grade steel construction
- Multi-function handlebars, cool air workout fan, Inertia-Enhanced flywheel, oversized cushioned pedals

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same need so it is best to follow what you want from the machine. If you have some health issue and need a low-impact machine, the BR1830 from Body Rider is a nice option top pick but for those who need to burn more calories and train more muscle, we highly recommend you the ProForm HIIT Cardio Elliptical Trainer.