Bowflex 552 vs Powerblock Elite

Bowflex 552 and Powerblock Elite are two adjustable dumbbells that have similar weight ranges. Having a pair of adjustable dumbbells can be more efficient and convenient than multiple dumbbells. So, which one is better? Below, we will see the comparisons between Bowflex 552 vs Powerblock Elite to help you choose.

Bowflex 552
Bowflex is a company that has produced various home gym machines and sports tools. Bowflex 552 is an adjustable dumbbell designed by the company to help people train and exercise at home. Bowflex 552 is the smaller version of a similar adjustable dumbbell, which is Bowflex 1090. The difference between Bowflex 552 and Bowflex 1090 is the maximum weight range. Bowflex 552 goes from 2 kg to 24 kg, whereas Bowflex goes from 4 kg to 41 kg.

Bowflex 552 can be a very convenient and efficient way to exercise and stay in shape. This adjustable dumbbell is equivalent to multiple fixed dumbbells, so you can say that it replaces the need of about 30 fixed dumbbells easily. It saves a good amount of money for sure. It is also a lot more space-efficient, as it does not require much space to store.

There is a special workout DVD included in the package. This DVD includes more than 30 exercises with more than 80 variations so that you can always have new challenges to train your body. As shown by the DVD, you can use the adjustable dumbbell to do both light and heavy exercises, from raises, curls, shrugs, to lunges.

Bowflex 552 Pros
The first advantage of Bowflex 552 vs Powerblock Elite is the higher weight range. The weight range goes from 5 to 52.5 pounds. Such weight range is already sufficient for most people who just want to exercise, stay healthy, and stay in shape. However, if you want to go for some serious bodybuilding, you may need a pair of heavier dumbbells.

This adjustable dumbbell features a rubber-coated handle bar. It feels very nice and comfortable to hold. It does not slip.

Bowflex 552 is equipped with a 2.5-lbs weight adjustment. The weight adjustment is quite handy for making the weight more accurate and suitable for your training. This adjustable dumbbell is very versatile that you can use it to train various bodyparts. In addition, it comes with extensive warranties: 1 year on labor, 2 years on all parts, and 5 years for the weight plates.

Bowflex 552 Cons
When choosing between Bowflex 552 vs Powerblock Elite, the first weakness of Bowflex 552 that people usually mention is the bad build quality. While the weight plates indeed use special materials in order to get the desired number of pounds, most part of the dumbbell is made from plastic. As the effect, it is not very durable. Some users even say that it cannot survive a drop from your hand to the floor – an accident which is quite common to happen when working out. It has good chance to break apart if dropped.

The second disadvantage of Bowflex 552 is the price. Compared to the competitors, the price is quite higher if not the highest. A product with a high price is supposed to have a good build quality, but this does not happen with Bowflex 552.

The shape of the dumbbell can be improved. The dumbbells are pretty wide, and they may get in the way of some exercises. And finally, the weight range is not upgradeable, meaning that you are stuck with the 52.5 lbs weight as the maximum.

Powerblock Elite
Powerblock Elite is a best-selling set of adjustable dumbbells featuring a unique block design and a padded handle to protect the wrist. It is actually available in three models, which are Elite 50, Elite 70, and Elite 90. However, the difference between these three models is only the weight range. The numbers in their names indicate their maximum weight in pounds. But, although you choose Elite 50, you can upgrade the dumbbell later to become Elite 70 or Elite 90. (See also : Powerblock Sport vs Elite)

Powerblock Elite 50 has a weight range of 5 – 50 lbs, so it can replace about 16 pairs of fixed dumbbells at once. It also comes with a 2.5-lbs adder weight which is for micro-adjusting the weight. This product comes with a limited 10-year warranty, which guarantees the build quality and durability.

Unlike Bowflex 552, which is shaped more like traditional dumbbells with the circular weight plates, Powerblock Elite has opted for an unconventional approach. It has rectangular weight plates. It is equipped with a selector pin for adjusting the weight quickly and easily.

Powerblock Elite Pros
The first and foremost advantage of Powerblock Elite when choosing between Bowflex 552 vs Powerblock Elite is the build quality. Powerblock Elite comes with a much more robust body that does not break easily. The construction is metal. So, there is no need to worry about losing it in the middle of your workout.

Powerblock Elite also comes with a longer warranty. The 10-year warranty is definitely a relief. It shows that the company is confident with the durability and longevity of the product.

Powerblock Elite is cheaper than Bowflex 552, and one big advantage is that it is upgradeable. So, if you want to train harder with even heavier weights, you can just upgrade Powerblock Elite 50 to Powerblock Elite 70 or Powerblock Elite 90. On the other hand, with Bowflex 552, you cannot upgrade and must buy a new set.

Powerblock Elite Cons
The first disadvantage of Powerblock Elite is the weight changing mechanism. It uses a U-shaped metal which may be a little annoying because it is not entirely straightforward. The second disadvantage is that it does not look very nice due to the rectangular shape. But this is not a big problem if you don’t really care about the look of your dumbbells.

- Lets you rapidly switch from one exercise to the next
- Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds; adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds
- Combines 15 sets of weights into one, using a unique dial system
- Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
- Has a weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand and increments- 2.5 (adder weight), 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, 50 pounds per hand
- Is expandable later to 70 and again to 90 pounds per hand.

In general, Powerblock Elite is more recommended. It has a better build quality, and it is more durable. In addition, it is upgradeable to higher weight levels if you want to train further. The price is not as high as Bowflex 552.