Bowflex Revolution Review: Compact and Highly Feature-Packed

Do you love doing exercise? Many factors affect the people mind to do the exercise in the gym. They probably think about their health, or they would like to sharpen their muscle. Though the best exercise is in the gym, that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the same result in the home. In this case, we have the Bowflex Revolution; this is one of the fitness machines which is used by many people in their house to maintain their body shape and also reach the maximum result like in the gym. Bowflex Revolution is the home gym equipment which provides a complete and comfortable workout for our body. Bowflex Revolution can bear the maximum level up to 300 pounds for the upper body workout and 600 pounds for the lower body workout. This is amazing thing considering that you will be doing it in your house without needing to go to the gym. So if you are interested in Bowflex Revolution, let’s see the full explanation below.

Bowflex Revolution is exceptionally well in term of technological usage. First, it has the spiral flex resistance technology. This resistance curve provides the smooth and comfortable feel when you use it. Then you can find that the easy-to-move feature which provides the super easy way to exercise from one motion to the next one. Other aspects like the maximum wight level resistance are also important. This aspect is one of the biggest advantages that Bowflex Revolution has. It can hold up to 610 pounds which are massive; this means that you can get an intense and pretty serious training with this machine even in your house. After that, you can also see that the spiral flex plates and moving arms which create the resistance feeling that make it feels like lifting free weight in the local gym. And just for you know, this technology was actually developed by Nasa as zero gravity solution which is then used as the line resistance equipment technology.

Bowflex Revolution is definitely a nice option for the easy home gym. It can improve your stamina, keep you healthy and gives the most simple and natural way to get the best body shape. You can use many different exercises with many easy setups. The Bowflex Revolution itself is pretty compact and takes a little space in your room. It has up to 100 possible exercises, but still, the amount of exercises are up to you. With its marvelous time-cutting technology it brings such easiness and efficiency that makes this machine far better when used in our house. The downside is that the resistance is quite harder for you who is used to the traditional gym machine.But as long as you adapt to it, there won’t be too many difficulties.

- Features spiraflex resistance technology - Resistance curve provides a smooth and even feel - Easy to move from one exercise to the next

Bowflex Revolution is a very decent fitness machine for the home gym. For you who loves the high technological machine and want to do the exercise in your house, then Bowflex Revolution is the right choice as it brings simplicity and efficiency.

Specifications of Bowflex Revolution
Machine Weight: 157 lbs (71 kg)
Dimensions: Compact
Workout Area: 10′ x 7′ x 7′
User Weight Limit: 300 lbs (136 kg)
Number of Built-in Exercises: 100+
Resistance: SpiraFlex (220 lbs)
Maximum Resistance Configuration: 300 lbs (186 kg)
Bench Design: Folding
Functionality Leg Developer: Yes
Gym-Style Ab Attachment: Optional
Preacher Curl Attachment :Optional
Extras: Workout DVD

Pros of Bowflex Revolution
– Lots of exercise options available
– Relatively compact, foldable bench
– Excellent performance of the SpiraFlex resistance
– Includes the workout DVD

Price of Bowflex Revolution
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