Bowflex TC100 vs TC200

You may have heard the other person new entry into the market of the treadmill. What about The Bowflex Treadclimber climber is a hybrid and ladder climbers treadmill. Treadclimbers has two separate smaller one treadmill belts for each foot for you to walk on. This individual also belt moving up and down to suit every step you take. Bowflex vs. TC100 TC200 will help you choose between them and selecting the right choice.

The Similarities
Both Bowflex TC100 and TC200 has the same and fast calorie burn about 40 percents is the key. When you walk on an incline, your metabolic rate increases automatically. And then, they both can help you target your thighs, calves, and other specific muscle groups when walking with incline choices ranging from 0% until 40%. These TreadClimbers can become a multifunctional thing as a treadmill, an elliptical trainer, and a stairclimber. They are compatible with your mobile device like tablet and smartphone that can help you enhance workout time. The new TreadClimbers have USB charging ports too which can hold your them at the eye level. The display on both TradClimbers also motivate animations of your workout progress on a backlit LCD with new applications for managing exercise data. The TC100 can be used with Bowflex Connect, which lets you upload, track and share workout stats. The TC200 offers more advanced options. (Read also: Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 vs Max Trainer M7)

The Differences
And the differences are coming from the Bluetooth Connection, on the TC200, the Bluetooth can make easy to define your fitness goals and transfer workout data to MyFitnessPal and other select fitness apps. The more you know about your fitness activity, the more likely you will reach your goals. There is also a small difference on the speed. Top speed for the TC100 is 4.0 mph. Top speed on the TC200 is 4.5 mph. The TC100 can save and track data for two users. The TC200 has four user profiles. The TC200 has more advanced heart rate monitoring with contact grips, a wireless monitor and chest strap, and a Heart Rate Zone Light Bar for visually tracking your pulse, while TC100 just with a contact grip system for measuring heart rate. The built-in programming also comes differently, The TC100 is equipped with Quick Start mode only. On the TC200 five training programs are provided: Just Walk, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Distance Goal and Interval.

- Monitor and Track your personal fitness goals with Bowflex Connect
- Tracks and stores 2 different user's data
- The new interactive and fully backlit LCD screen brings your workouts to life
- Speed range from 0.5 to 4.0 MPH
- Grip heart RATE monitor
- Set, monitor, and Track your personal fitness goals with the free tread climber app with integrated Bluetooth connectivity
- 5 programs: just walk, calorie Goal, distance Goal, time Goal, and intervals
- Wireless heart RATE monitor lets you Use the hand grips or the chest strap
- Speed range from 0.5 to 4.5 MPH
- Charging USB port to keep your devises powered up

Upgrading on the TC200 makes it worth the price difference. TC100 is more budget friendly does not provide the same training guidance, cardiac monitoring or management data as TC200. Even so, every TreadClimber is a powerful tool for fitness. Topped with a tablet computer, the TC100 can keep your interest while providing a fantastic workout.