Brooks Pureconnect 4 Review: Lightweight and Stable

If you have a rough time getting a good shoe, then you can try the Brooks brand shoes. Brooks product has been known for its quality and its sustainability. It has produced tons of variation and series of shoes which cover all the buyer’s demands. In this case, we have the Brooks Pureconnect 4 which is the lightest model in the pure line. Pureconnect 4 offers a natural ride with low, rounded heel, and high flexibility sole. This version has a nice flexibility which is one of its best features. The previous version of Brooks Pureconnect proves too be too narrow and too tight for many, but Pureconnect 4 is removing all of that and sharpen it into better features. So if you are interested in this product, let’s see the explanation below.

There are many features in Brooks Pureconnect 4. The first one that we would notice is its narrow foot, especially the mid foot. This mid foot may become an exquisite problem for a runner with the wide feet, but the overall narrowing is exquisite for the runner with less wide feet. After that, you can find the arch cushioning feature which hugs the arch; this feature will give the optimal comfort and cushion to its users. You can also see that the shoe is using the open mesh and the overlays are used as minimal as possible. Lastly, the sole is using the best material which will ensure that it is lying firmly against our foot.

Brooks Pureconnect 4 gives us a lot of insight about a narrow shoe but still a viable shoe for every condition. The weight is very light, but the material is pretty good one. Pureconnect 4 itself has a great structure, and it promotes a fast natural transition from the ball of the foot through the toe-off. You probably love this simple, flexible, and lightweight design which all of them made based on the correction from the previous version. You can feel the comfort and cushion which both of them give the best possible situation for your foot. The shoe itself is also very responsive, and you can count on its durability when used through many various terrains. Pureconnect 4 is also very pleasurable and there not much issue other than its narrow front.

- Mesh - Made in USA or Imported - Let your soles become one with the road in the Brooks® PureConnect 4!

In overall Brooks Pureconnect, 4 is an excellent shoe for every situation. It is a breathable, functional, and very simple shoe which is also very durable. So if you want to buy a solid and minimalist shoe, then your answer is the Brooks Pureconnect 4.

Specifications of Brooks Pureconnect 4
Weight: 8.3 oz.
Drop (from heel to forefoot): 2.8 mm
Profile (Forefoot): 22.5 mm
Profile (Heel): 25.3 mm
Material: Mesh

Pros of Brooks Pureconnect 4
– Exceptional road contact allowing for great stability
– Highly comfortable, excellent breathability
– Lightweight design, very suitable and convenient for running
– Simple yet good-looking appearance
– Quite durable and long lasting

Price of Brooks Pureconnect 4
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