Babolat AeroPro Drive vs Pure Aero

Not sure to choose Babolat AeroPro Drive or Babolat Pure Aero? Both are tennis racquets made by the same manufacturer. You can say that they are available in the same price range because the price difference between these two models is quite marginal and not very significant. Babolat Pure Aero is a tennis racquet that […]

Head TI S6 vs Liquidmetal 8

Both Head TI S6 and Head Liquidmetal 8 are popular tennis racquets on the market. Both being made by the same manufacturer, Head TI S6 and Head Liquidmetal 8 are loved by many beginners as well as intermediate players. They mainly praise these racquets’ playability. Of course, both Head TI S6 and Head Liquidmetal 8 […]

Babolat AeroPro Drive vs Wilson Pro Staff 97

Choosing the right racquet is almost always a subjective matter, mainly because every player has different needs, conditions, and preferences. Even so, knowing the differences between different racquet models is still essential. Without knowing the differences between all the racquets, it can be very difficult to tell which one will suit you the best. In […]

Head Ti S2 vs S6

Head Ti S2 and Head Ti S6 are both popular and selling well on the market. They are praised for allowing beginners to play comfortably. Well, these are not the suitable racquets if you are seeking something that can improve your skills and techniques; instead, these are comfortable, for-fun racquets. Head Ti S2 and Head […]