Core Max vs Wonder Core

Below, you can read the comparison between two ab machines that look quite similar to each other, Core Max vs Wonder Core. Ab machines are designed to help you train various parts of your body so that you can have stronger muscles and a reduced waistline size. However, not all models are the same. Hence, you need to choose carefully.

Continue reading to understand better about:
– The design and dimensions of each ab machine here
– The features and capabilities of each model
– What accessories and equipment that are included with each model
– The workouts that you can perform on these ab machines
– The performance of Core Max vs Wonder Core
– Which model that is generally more recommended for the money

Core Max: Design and Features
Let’s start with Core Max. It is quite different from Ab Rocket Twister that we discussed in a previous article, Wonder Core vs Ab Rocket Twister, and is actually more similar to Wonder Core. This is a compact, lightweight, and portable ab machine that you can use easily wherever you want.

Core Max features a base platform and two padded levers. The construction feels quite solid and durable. The padded levers feel soft and comfy. Core Max comes completely assembled, so it is ready for use right out of the box. It is available in two color choices, red and teal.

The unit is space-friendly and easy to store. It is a little bit smaller than Wonder Core, as it measures approximately 18 inches x 18 inches x 6 inches. It is also a bit lighter at about 11.4 lbs. There is no specific weight limit mentioned. When not in use, the unit can be folded into a flat form so that you can store it under your bed or couch.

Core Max: Suitable Workouts
The standard package of Core Max includes a few items. In the box, you can find an exercise guide, a workout DVD, and a healthy eating guide. However, there is an option to buy a bundle that also includes resistance bands and a fitness monitor.

The resistance bands can be used for some workouts, particularly those that train the arms and legs. Meanwhile, the fitness monitor can be very useful for some users because it will allow you to track your workout time, the number of your repeated movements, and the burned calories. Additionally, the fitness monitor can also act as a pedometer; some exercises on the ab machine will be tracked as steps.

The included exercise guide and the workout DVD will help you perform at least 8 different exercises. There are instructions for performing sit-up, push-up, pectoral extension, tricep extension, bicep curl, bridge, cycling, and scissor kicks. If we compare the DVD of Core Max vs Wonder Core, it is true that Core Max provides more exercises. However, since the two ab machines are very similar, you can actually do the same exercises that you do on Core Max on Wonder Core.

Core Max: Performance
One of the biggest differences between Core Max vs Wonder Core is the resistance. Core Max does not have many selectable resistance levels. On the other hand, Wonder Core offers more adjustability to suit different workouts.

Core Max only has 3 selectable resistance levels. It has some adjustability, which is already a good thing. You can decrease or increase the resistance to suit different workout activities. However, sometimes you may be unable to get the perfect level for training a certain muscle, so you just choose either the lower level or the higher level.

Adjusting the resistance is easy and quick. You can do it within a few seconds. All you need to do is adjusting the switch located on the side of each lever.

Still, the overall performance of Core Max is good. The resistance is quite consistent. Note that this ab machine is suitable mostly for beginners and casual users. It won’t be challenging enough for someone who is already used to heavier, more intensive workouts.

Core Max can help you train your legs, arms, abs, and back. The padded levers are soft and comfortable. However, just like the case of Wonder Core, this ab machine is also not very effective for weight loss. It can help you burn some calories, but cardio workout is more effective for that purpose. If weight loss is your goal, consider using this ab machine after some cardio workout so that you can convert the burned fat into lean muscles.

Wonder Core: Design and Features
Now, let’s continue with Wonder Core. In a glance, it indeed looks quite similar to Core Max. It is also a compact ab machine on which you can train your abs as well as core muscles. It claims to be able to help you lose excessive fat from your belly and waistline, while also enhancing your muscle definition and strength. Wonder Core comes fully assembled so you can use it right out of the box for various exercises.

It is really space-friendly, so it is suitable for dorm rooms and apartments. It measures 21.6 inches x 20.5 inches x 15 inches. The weight is only about 14.77 lbs. This ab machine is quite portable and easy to store when not in use.

Wonder Core consists of a base platform with two padded levers. The metallic construction is tough and durable. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, so it should be suitable for most adults with average physicality. The levers have multiple resistance levels to suit different workouts. Wonder Core features the dual resistance technology which puts resistance on both directions, up and down, so that you can push or pull the levers with your hands, legs, or back.

This ab machine is designed to train not only your abs, but also nearly all other muscles of your body. You can use Wonder Core to train the obliques, calves, thighs, gluts, forearms, triceps, and biceps. The included DVD will guide you to perform some of the exercises that you can do on the ab machine. So, it is very versatile.

Wonder Core: Suitable Workouts
Many other workout machines usually require some manual assembly. However, Wonder Core is already assembled right out of the box, so it is very convenient. You don’t need to worry about finding difficulties in the set-up process. Just place the unit on your workout area and you are ready to go.

Both Core Max vs Wonder Core come with their own workout DVDs that contain instructional workout videos. However, the numbers of videos are different.

The bundle of Wonder Core is quite simple, as it only includes an exercise guide and a workout DVD. Of course, you don’t really need any additional accessory in order to use the ab machine. But it would be even better if there are some included workout accessories that can enhance the functionality of the ab machine or enhance the effectiveness of your workouts.

The exercise guide and the workout DVD of Wonder Core only provides 6 kinds of workouts. There are instructions for performing sit-up, push-up, bridge, scissor kicks, forearm and biceps training, and triceps training. However, the exercise guide is very simple. Though it is easy to follow, it is not very detailed. Meanwhile, the workout DVD is quite more detailed as the videos show the ways of performing the exercises.

There are actually several other exercises that you can perform on Wonder Core though they are not listed in the guide or DVD. For example, you can use the levers to simulate cycling or an elliptical machine in order to train your legs. Or, you can also use it for pectoral extension. So, you can adapt the ab machine for various purposes.

Wonder Core: Performance
Wonder Core has a wider range of resistance levels than Core Max. It has 8 selectable resistance levels which have been specifically designed for different workout activities. So, you can easily adjust the resistance to suit the workout that you are about to perform. Changing the resistance is very easy and simple. You just need to turn the dial knobs located on the legs.

The ab machine is definitely useful for training and toning your muscles. The resistance levels are ideal for beginners as well as casual users. The resistance is neither too weak nor too strong. However, athletes and advanced users who are already used to heavy, intensive workouts may find Wonder Core not challenging enough.

The ab machine is said to be able to help remove excessive fat. While this is true to a degree, Wonder Core is actually more of a supporting unit rather than the primary solution. If weight loss is your goal, you need to burn more calories than you eat, and the best way to burn calories is doing cardio. However, you can use the ab machine after doing cardio in order to convert the burned fat into lean muscles.

Core Max vs Wonder Core

- Core Max gives you 8 muscle-building exercises and a nutritional guide, so you can cut calories, sculpt arms, shoulders, and triceps, lift your glutes, and develop shapely legs. You can target and tone those inner thighs and do assisted push-ups while working your core at the same time.
- Ordinary crunches only work on the way up and can strain. Core Max's amazing Fast Track Technology and its hidden power-assisted spring assists you in both directions, just like a personal trainer, targeting your upper, middle, lower abs and obliques.
- With Wonder Core 2, you’re getting resistance on the way down and up with every rep on sit up benches. With dual resistance, you’re getting double the workout in half the time!
- Wonder Core 2 provides a full 180 degree range of motion. That means you can isolate and train your lower, middle, and upper abs more range of motion means a much tighter ab core!

Between the two, Core Max is more recommended. It can be purchased in a bundle that includes more accessories, such as the resistance bands and the useful fitness meter. It is also easy and practical to use. It can be folded to save some space when not in use. The resistance is adjustable to suit different workouts.