Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr

Exercise is vital for your health and fitness, but it is extremely difficult to achieve if you work full-time in an office or if you are very busy with your study. If this is the case, Cubii Under Desk Elliptical can be a great solution. Below, we will help you choose between two Cubii models, Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr.

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– What color options that are available on each model
– Which Cubii that is generally better for you

What is Cubii?
A Cubii typically device looks like the bottom portion of a full-size elliptical trainer. It is a very compact elliptical trainer that is designed to fit under your desk, so that you can exercise while sitting and working. It is actually more affordable than most gym memberships, so it is a perfectly viable option for people who don’t want to gym. See also: CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro vs Fluid 2.

Cubii is great for people who work full-time without enough spare time to exercise. By putting a Cubii under your desk, you can train your legs while doing your work. Cubii does not only train your legs, but also your hamstrings, abs and core, hips, and glutes.

Cubii is also great for people who love to multi-task. For example, you can use it while reading your morning newspaper or watching the TV. This way, you can exercise without sacrificing your routines or hobby. Cubii is also suitable for people who have joint pain issues, as it allows you to build muscle strength without standing up.

Aesthetically, Cubii looks stylish and attractive. In fact, it was the winner of the 2016 Good Design Award. The build quality of the products is known to be very good. So, it can be an excellent investment that will last for a long time.

Design and Build
In terms of design, Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr look pretty much similar. Each of them is equipped with a pair of ergonomic pedals. On the center, there is a control dial for adjusting the resistance level. The center portion also has a handlebar which will allow you to lift up and move the unit easily.

Although the construction is not entirely metallic – it is mostly hard plastic – Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr still feel very solid and sturdy. The housing feels really rugged and durable. The pedals are connected to the main unit properly, without any wiggling or flimsiness. Clearly, these products are high-quality.

The company claims that both Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr have been designed ergonomically to provide the best comfort and performance. This is also what sets them apart from other similar elliptical trainers in the market. The foot pedals are angled to allow a natural body position. They won’t put excessive stress on your joints, so you can continue exercising for an extended time without noticing.

Both models are quite compact. They each measure approximately 9.8 inches tall, 23.1 inches long, and 17.6 inches wide. They can easily get under your desk. The company says that they won’t make your knees bump into the desk, but this actually depends on your physicality and the desk design rather than the unit. If you are a tall person and the desk has some parts that sit low, your knees may bump when using your Cubii.

Although both Cubii models have been equipped with handlebars, keep in mind that they are really heavy. Cubii Pro is almost 28 pounds, and Cubii Jr is even heavier. The weight will help to keep the unit steady in place during usage. The bottom surface is rubberized to grip onto the floor. But, due to the heavy weight, you probably don’t want to move these Cubii models too often.

One of the biggest differences of Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr is the connectivity. Cubii Pro is quite more expensive because it is equipped with complete connectivity. However, people who just want to stay fit and healthy without caring about sharing or analyzing their data don’t need those features. That’s why Cubii Jr is here.

Cubii Pro has built-in Bluetooth which will allow you to connect the trainer to your mobile device. There is a dedicated Cubii mobile app, through which you can see the connection status, change the resistance level, and track your progress. Since the unit does not have any display screen, this mobile app is the main way for you to interact with the unit.

Cubii Jr, on the other hand, does not have Bluetooth. So, it is pretty much a stand-alone unit. You can’t connect the trainer to a computer or mobile device. The USB port on the unit is used only for charging. To allow you to change settings and track your progress, the unit is given a mini display screen.

Additional Features
Still related to the mobile app, Cubii Pro also has a number of useful additional features. Though the mobile app looks rather simple, there are several things that can help you exercise more effectively. First of all, you can see how many calories that you have burned on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The information also includes duration, distance traveled, and strides.

You can set goals for calorie burns or distance. You can also make the app to send you notifications to remind you to exercise. So, you won’t forget that you have a Cubii sitting under your table. On the app, you can create groups with your friends who have Cubii accounts, so that you can share your progress and challenge them to beat your records.

Cubii Pro can also sync your data through the Cubii mobile app with popular third-party fitness apps, such as FitBit and Apple HealthKit. This is great news for fitness enthusiasts. You can combine the training data with the fitness app of your choice to get more accurate tracking and analysis.

Cubii Jr does not have Bluetooth, so it can’t connect to the Cubii mobile app. The built-in display will allow you to track some records, such as calories burned, training duration, distance traveled, RPM, and strides. The on-board dial is used to adjust the resistance level. There are 8 resistance levels available.

However, Cubii Jr can’t set progress goals. You can’t share your records to your friends or sync them to a fitness app. This is an issue if you’ve been using a fitness tracking service and you want to get the most accurate tracking and analysis. But this is not a problem at all if you only want to exercise without going into the details.

Performance-wise, Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr are quite similar. Apparently, the internal mechanisms are the same. According to the manufacturer, both Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr can help you burn about 150 calories per hour on average.

That is good enough for casual workout. Compared to full-size elliptical trainers, Cubii still doesn’t burn as many calories, but the exercise is not bad at all. In fact, after a few hours, your legs will be strained as if you have walked long miles. Besides allowing you to burn calories, Cubii is also great for building the muscles on your legs and abs.

The resistance is consistent. It feels natural so that you can keep moving your legs without much thinking. Another great thing about both Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr is their incredibly quiet operation. Unlike some other elliptical trainers, these models are whisper quiet. They don’t make any ridiculous buzzing sound, so you can workout discreetly without drawing attention from the people around you.

Color Options
Last, but not least, Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr are available in different color options. You may have a certain preference when it comes to the color, so let’s see what they have.

Cubii Pro is available in two color choices, which are Noir and Chrome. The Noir variant is mostly black, but with a red circle on the control dial and a bright red line near the place where the foot pedal connects to the main unit. The Chrome variant is mostly metallic silver, but with black foot surfaces, a black control dial, and black lines.

Cubii Jr has four color choice: Silver, Aqua, Royal Blue, and Purple. All of them are mostly black. They just have different colors on their control dials and lines. The Aqua variant is light blue, whereas the Royal Blue variant is dark blue.

Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr

- Cubii is the leading compact ergonomic elliptical to work out while you sit at home and office.
- Bluetooth enabled with the Cubii app to track your progress and sync to FitBit and Apple HealthKit
- Low impact on joints with 8 levels of resistance to increase your activity over time.
- WHISPER QUIET - Designed specifically to be whisper quiet, discretely workout at the office or home without disturbing those around you.
- DURABLE AND STURDY - We built Cubii to last and that means using better parts, better construction, and more quality control than some of the alternatives. Product size and weight were carefully considered to limit Cubii from sliding while in use.
- DESIGNED FOR COMFORT- Patented ergonomic angles provide a smooth elliptical exercise that is low impact on your joints. Its compact design lets you easily slide Cubii Jr under your desk without bumped knees.

Between these two models, Cubii Pro is generally more recommended. The built-in Bluetooth is really useful. It allows a wide range of features and functions. You can keep track of your progress through the mobile app. You can also set progress goals, or compete with your friends. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to sync your data with the fitness app that you use.