Green Magnitude vs Con Cret

If there are questions: Do you lose significant size and strength? How are your gains when you started using it? How long before you see results and would you recommend it or even take it again? Then, the actual question should be like: Which one will you choose, Green Magnitude vs Con Cret? Since there are many reviews out there been talking about the comparison between these well-known body building product. This is our chance to do the same thing too.

Green Magnitude
Green Magnitude is known as a creatine matrix volumizer coming in form of powder supplement which is simply added to 6 until 8 ounces of cold water and drink before or after doing or done workouts. Green Magnitude is intended to optimize stamina levels, increase musle pumps, improve strength, and also boost our whole performance as well. This supplement is made by great formulas like a green creatine matrix, l-tyrosine, betaine anhydrous and I-taurine, plus caffeine-free inside. Green Magnitude is under construction of Controlled Labs. It has many flavours, there are sour green apple, juicy watermelon, and electric lemonade. Moreover, it does not contain any calories or fat since this one is suitable for sport lovers. What are the side effects of Green Magnitude? There some reports said that it can cause nausea, upset stomach, headache and dehydration. Yet, it also gained many positive reviews which said that it is a good one and can gain muscle. Does Green Magnitude Work? If you want to increase physical performance, build lean muscle mass and improve endurance levels, we just can suggest you find a product that’s supported by documented research.

Con Cret
Con Cret Creatine comes in a pre-workout that contains creatine HCL. After consuming a spoon with water, orior hours for exercise or exercise, this supplement should help build muscle. Surprisingly, this can be consumed on-the-go. This product comes in pill or powder form, but since the pills contain powder anyway, it’s safe to say that they are both in powder form. Regardless of the shape you choose to buy it on, this product can be good without flavor or taste depending on how you want to consume. It is important to mention that only the non-taste versions contain 100% creatine; flavors that also contain other chemicals related to the word favor. In general, the only reason you should get a flavored version is if you plan to add creatine into your protein shake; You do not want two feelings to clash with each other. So you step out the door to buy Con Cret Creatine? Well, we like those supplements available and that we lie some positive customer comments, but we have been hesitant about that since it does not publish clinical research that supports the claims. Also we worry about the poor and reporting of ineffective ingredients.

- Juicy Green Sour Apple OR Green Lemonade Flavors
- Exclusive Synergistic Creatine Formula
- Instantly Dissolves
- Patented Form of Creatine
- Improve Strength, Stamina, & Performance
- CON-CRET is the original, best-selling, award winning, highly pure creatine hydrochloride (HCl)
- Superior solubility and plasma uptake
- No loading and no cycling
- No cramping, bloating or gastrointestinal distress
- Increase strength, endurance and recovery

Both Green Magnitude vs Con Cret have pretty great reviews and they also cost about the same online. We know that Green Magnitude is CEE and Con Cret is a special concentrated creatine, however, Green Magnitude would last you a bit longer. But actually, you really can not go wrong with either product, but looking soley at cost per serving, Green Magnitude is the way to go honestly. Check the price by yourself at the table below.