Head Ti S5 vs S2

Tennis is one of the most effective sports to help move your body and burn calories because we are utilizing all parts of our body from top to bottom. Before going to a court and start the game with your partner, choose the reliable racket first to provide the kind of performance you want such as with Head Ti S5 vs S2. These rackets are very popular but also similar to each other and if you are interested in these models, see which suit you better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the Benefit of Tennis
– What are the Necessary Equipment
– What are Head Ti S5 and S2
– What Head Ti S5 and S2 Look Like
– What are the Head Size of Head Ti S5 and S2
– What are the String Pattern and Weight of Head Ti S5 and S2
– How are the Balance of Head Ti S5 and S2
– How are the Swing Weight of Head Ti S5 and S2
– How are the Stiffness of Head Ti S5 and S2
– Head Ti S5 vs S2

Tennis Benefit
Everybody wants to be healthy and fit moreover as we age, our body tend to be weaker and lose its youthfulness especially on people who are not moving much. Sport is one of the best ways to keep your body active, healthy, and far from diseases like obesity or cardiovascular problems. When it comes to sports, people can have different preferences and while all those that require our body to moves a lot during the game are effective, tennis is one of the best options to go.

This sport is very popular in various countries including here in the United States and probably the most popular in other countries like Australia. It is a very fun way to exercise and since we can even do it alone against a wall, it is easier to access in case all of your friends and family’s schedule are not matching yours. Taken from WebMD, this workout is one of the best total-body workouts we can do out there with high-intensity.

In the high-intensity interval training workout, it can even burns calories between 400 and 1000 calories in just an hour and as opposed to many beliefs, it can also be a strength training because we are using almost every muscle in the body including the lower body, upper body, and core. It is also said that playing the game 3 times a week will boost our stamina and coordination as well as bone density, making it a great exercise for people of any age.

Tennis Racket
However, just like any active sports, we also need to have or wear suitable gear while doing the activity both to support your performance and prevent related injury. The common gear we must have is tennis sneakers and a racket of your choice because despite sounding like a not-so-important things to notice, wearing the suitable shoes will prevent injury and provide you a better traction during the game, the same with a tennis racket that not always the same for everybody.

Tennis racket specifically made for the sport and it has various terms to consider when buying one which is why we always recommend to get fitted for the right racket which means it is not too light or too heavy. Besides the overall weight that will affect how you swing the tool later, there are many other parts to consider from the tightness of its strings, head size, flexibility, and many more. They do seem complicated but necessary to consider.

About Head Ti S5 and S2
When you are already make up the mind and want to try this sport to help with the body fitness level or even have a further goal to reach an ideal weight, now is the time to start gathering the equipment needed and headed to the nearby court. We leave tennis shoes for you because it is also a matter of taste and as many footwear shopping, it would be best to try and feel how they work in stores so we will only talk about the racket here.

Similar to any popular sport equipment, tennis racket is also widely available and there are tons of brands out there offering their own model and it can be hard when shopping for one especially if this is your first time. However, to shorten the time and give you a more effective shopping, we can see what the other players are using because the one that satisfy more will also have a high chance of satisfying your preference as well.

One of the best brands to choose in the market is Head and we are sure most people are already familiar with this sport equipment company due to their huge collection and reliable options of various choices. They also offer tennis racket and when talking about Head tennis racket, the most often we heard is probably the Ti S6 model which is the favorite of many people and if you are interested as well, check our Head Ti S6 Vs S5 here.

Besides those two options, Head also have the Ti S2 racket and this one is quite similar to the S5 which is pretty far in terms of product arrangement from the first S1. The Ti series racket has been available since the middle of 1990s and it is Head’s entry to the lightweight carbon fiber tennis market while the name itself probably derived from the material to build the unit or in this case Titanium mesh to reinforce the carbon fiber at various stretch points.

There are currently 6 models in the catalogue but we are not sure if all of them are still available widely today or if few already discontinued. The number at the back refer to swing style and the lower it gets, the better and longer the swing is or it can be said that the smaller numbers indicate a more experienced players while the larger the number also mean to address lower level players yet, the aforementioned S6 is actually quite the power player type.

Head Ti S5 and S2 Design
When you see them in the picture, they do look like the same racket and it is hard to tell them apart without actually trying to compare them side by side. In general, the S2 is a heavier racket compared to S5 (8.5 vs 9.4 oz.) despite having almost the same size. They are also equally come with the string already attached so we don’t have to do it manually or go to a shop to complete the installation process and they use the same 16/19 pattern.

The Ti S5 has been upgraded and now added with Comfort Zone which is Head technology to help suit beginner players better and we are talking about this new model. It has all the main benefit of the original version and some additional new features such as the new CZ which is meant to provide more soft spot.

Head Ti S5 and S2 Head Size
Moving further into these racket general specification, let’s see the head size first and if we didn’t mention the size before, S5 is measured at 107 sq. in while the S2 racket is at 102 sq. in. This quite different in the size of their head can also be translated as which heavier between them but most importantly, the S5 is a wider racket and it will indicate bigger sweet spot as well. Sweet spot is the center where we use to hit the ball.

A bigger sweet spot means we don’t have to put extra effort to position the ball right in the middle and this is why it requires less focus and control so a bigger head size often suit those beginner levels or players with lesser experiences.

Head Ti S5 and S2 String Pattern and Weight
As for the string pattern, both of Head Ti S5 and S2 are using the same open string or 16 x 19 pattern. Compared to those that are coming with tighter string patterns, this type will generate more rotation because the more open or less its string amount will make the ball rotate more. Speaking about the weight range, these models are actually made for beginner players despite the different in terms of overall weight because intermediate players usually seek those weigh more than 10 oz.

Head Ti S5 and S2 Balance
Another important part to consider is the balance because racket are separated into two parts between the head and the handle in which area they put most of the weight. In this area, both of them are similarly head heavy or often only written as HH on many rackets’ specification and it means the head contain the most of the weight that makes it fairly harder to swing compared to a head light or even racket with balance weight.

Head Ti S5 and S2 Swing Weight
There is also a swing weight and this is unique to tennis rackets so we may not be seeing this number anywhere else. The swing weight of Ti S5 is at 297 kg.cm2 and the latter is higher at around 307 kg.cm2. This number is indicating how hard it is to swing the racket and as you may already guess, the higher the number, the harder it is to swing the racket. The benefit of lower swing weight is it will be easier to generate spin while the other is offering more power.

Head Ti S5 and S2 Stiffness
The last important part to consider when getting a new tennis racket is checking the flexibility and as the name suggests, this information will give you a glimpse of how flexible the whole racket is when being used. On this part, both of them are also different because Ti S5 is at 68 RA and S2 is at 74 RA so the latter will be very stiff in comparison. The lower or more flexible means more control and the opposite means more power but may not very comfortable.

Comparing these two close brothers is great to see which model will suit each users or if they should move forward look for another, more ideal choice. The S2 in general is made for more experienced users because it is heavier, have narrower sweet spot, harder to swing, and very stiff so it can be quite uncomfortable for people who are having some arms issues or need to control their performance and require racket with better precision.

Head Ti S5 vs S2

- All racquets include free stringing with a basic synthetic gut.
- String tension is set to the middle of the recommended range.
- It is made from a stiff construction of titanium and graphite.
- It has a medium length and a grip size of 11.1cm.

Up to this point we are sure most readers can already pick which racket to accompany the training and if we are to recommend, those with more time and skills on the game can pick Ti S2 to bridge between the lower and higher level but for beginner players, we do think the Ti S5 is a more ideal choice.