Head Ti S6 vs Babolat Drive 115

One of the most important equipment to have when deciding to try tennis is the racket because it will affect your playing and we should choose based on our level or preference. Head Ti S6 vs Babolat Drive 115 are two great choice for casual players who want to elevate their playing but, it doesn’t mean that they are identical models. For those who are also eyeing these racket, see which model will fit you better in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why doing Tennis
– What to prepare before Tennis
– What are Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
– What Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Look like
– How are the Head Size of Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
– How are the Weight of Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
– How are the Balance of Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
– How are the Swing Weight of Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
– How are the Stiffness of Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
– Head Ti S6 vs Babolat Drive 115

Tennis Benefit
There are so many sports out there and we can pick one, two, or even more to enjoy because in general they are a healthy way to maintain our active lifestyle and also fun for there is a sense of achievement after we can beat the opponents or get in together with our team. Among those many types of sports we can do to fill our free time, tennis is one of the best exercise and sports because it will affect all parts of our body from tip to toe.

Tennis has been known to give so much benefits as an exercise method since it is both useful for cardio and muscle training from our body weight only. It is also seen as a very convenient option because it will only need two people to do a complete match and even when your partner is absent, we can change to a nearby wall and practice our playing alone. In addition it is everybody’s sport for people of all ages can play them starting from 5/6 years old to elderly, retired people.

If you want to get in shape, tennis is also a very fun way to sculpt those bodies and taken from Vogue, it is also better when compared to dance cardio session we used to do in training studios. However, before jumping into the game, it is necessary to pay attention to your warming up first by doing some jumping jacks or jog for a couple of minutes. You may also want to watch tutoring videos on how to form the best stance and if necessary wear a heart monitor so we can set a better goal.

Tennis Equipment
Like almost any sports, tennis is not something we can do with just bare feet and bare hands because we are going to hit the ball and move a lot so among those props we have to own, tennis shoes and rackets are the most important. We do recommend to go to a shop for testing the shoe fit and how it feels when moving around in it but for racket, as long as we understand the terms and how they will affect our play, shopping from home is also possible.

When you look for one, there will be terms like head size, string pattern, weight, etcetera and all of them will directly affect the play. For example, head size is the size of the racket head and commonly range from 80 sq.in to 130 sq.in. It will literally translated into how big the head area is and the larger it is, the wider as well the center so it can be easier to generate better shot on the sweet spot compared to smaller tennis racket.

About Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115
If you are done looking for the perfect tennis shoe, now is the time to shop for the racket because as it has been mentioned above, a different racket will give you a different effect as well and it is best to suit them with your personal preferences by checking their specifications because while it is always best to actually hold the unit, this information will play an important role so we can guess on how the racket will work later.

With the many sports equipment manufacturers out there, it is not surprising as well to see how many of them offering tennis equipment including racket and two among the best of them are Head and Babolat. For those who have been in the game for a while these names should be familiar because they are an old players out there and well-known when it comes to quality products. Many people love their tennis racket because not only durable, their price range are also competitive with similar brands and even more affordable.

For those who are looking for a racket to bridge the beginner level to the more advanced, the transition model Ti S6 and Drive 115 from these respective brands are two great choices to go. Both of them are highly rated for their performance and also loved because of some special features their manufacturers put on. The problem is that they are quite similar to each other and nearly identical items always makes us wonder about which we should go for.

The Head Ti S6 is one of the most popular from the line and even from the brand itself but and despite made for more casual users, it does pack some punch in terms of power. Similarly, the Drive 115 from Babolat is a great pick for players who are looking for power, raw speed, and high comfort but, in an exchange you do have to pay a bit more in comparison to S6.

Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Design
Both of them are a very stylish racket and equally comes with the string attached on so we don’t have to get them strung in a store or do it yourself. Similar to many transition racket, they are also using a common string pattern but different because Ti S6 is coming with 16 mains and 19 crosses while the Drive 115 has 16 mains and 20 crosses, with no shared holes. The main material to build these rackets are graphite or Titanium and in comparison the latter is heavier at 9.7 oz. as opposed to 8.9 oz.

Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Head Size
One of the most important things to look at when looking for a tennis racket is the head size and as it has been mentioned above, it will play a role on how easy it is to hit right in the middle or sweet spot. In this side, Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 are the same because both of them are coming with 115 sq.in head size, making them in the middle of the spectrum and fairly easier to generate hits with the wider sweet spot.

It is also means that we get to access a better power from the middle of the racket and a bigger head size usually goes for beginner players who are not very skilled yet in terms of placing the ball right in the proper spot to hit. For those with more experienced, check higher racket models like Head Ti S5 Vs S2 because they have quite the narrower head size in comparison to these two.

Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Weight
The next important thing to check is the weight and in comparison between both of them we know that Drive 115 is heavier than Ti S6 but in general, since they are lighter than 10. 5 oz. they can be categorized as beginner racket. The pros of having a light racket is they will be easier to swing or require less energy but the cons is the power created will be reduced as well unlike when having heavier racket that will give power but also require more from the swing.

Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Balance
Tennis racket also have a term called balance and if you are not familiar yet with this specification, it means as the name suggest which is the comparison between the head and the handle. Most rackets are head heavy and it is the same with either of Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 that makes them harder to swing in the game but will give you a more powerful hit. In addition, there is also a racket with balance weight for those who prefer so.

Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Swing Weight
After balance we also have another term that may affect the game later and it is called swing weight which is indicated by number. In this part, both of them are the same because they equally rated at 318 kg.cm2. They are placed in the middle of the swing weight range because upper level usually start at 330 and the pros of having lightweight swing is it will be easier to generate racket head speed and it means easier as well to generate spin.

Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 Stiffness
The last thing you may want to know about Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive 115 is their stiffness because it will affect how comfortable these racket will perform later. In this part, the former is slightly stiffer at 100% or 75 RA while the latter is at 95% or 74 RA which means the S6 is very stiff and will give much power but with the expense of slightly uncomfortable swing especially if you have some shoulder issue yet, the difference between these two are not substantial to make meaningful different.

These two transition rackets are an equally good options for anyone who wants to up the game and while they have some differences, in general they are still similarly a great racket. What sets them apart are the weight since Ti S6 is lighter, they also have different string pattern, and Babolat is slightly more flexible than its competitors.

Head Ti S6 vs Babolat Drive 115

- The head size of the racquet is 115 square inches and is 1" head heavy
- The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm
- The string pattern of the racquet is 16x19
- RACQUET SPECIFICATIONS: Head Size 115 sq. in. / 742 sq. cm.; Length: 27.6in / 70.1cm; Strung Weight: 9.1oz / 258g; Balance: 14.5in / 36.8cm / 5 pts HH; Swingweight: 314; Stiffness: 66; Beam Width: 25mm / 28mm / 24mm; Composition: Graphite; Power Level: Medium; Stroke Style: Medium; Swing Speed: Medium; Grip Type: Babolat Syntec Lite; String Pattern:16 Mains / 20 Crosses; String Tension: 50-55 pounds
- RACQUET TECHNOLOGY: Woofer string technology allows the strings to move freely. The entire surface of the string bed will react, as opposed to only a few, and this allows for more spin, increased sweetspot, and also absorbs unwanted vibration, while increasing feel.
- CHOICE OF FREE CUSTOM STRING COLORS: Choose your string color to stand out on the court! High end, synthetic gut at mid-range tension is included with the purchase of this racquet at no additional cost.

All of those specs should be used to make a decision when shopping because apparently not all of us will have the same taste. However, between the two, we do like Head Ti S6 better because not only is it more affordable, it also lighter and stiffer for generating more power.