Head TI S6 vs S1

Tennis is one of the most popular sport to keep you fit and can be enjoyed by almost any player from children to elderly people. If you are loving this sport as well, besides a good shoe we will also need to get a suitable racket for the activity such as those HEAD TI S6 vs S1. Both of them are a good option and very reliable but go check our article first to see how they differ and what they can offer before going for a shop.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a tennis racquet
– What are Head TI S6 and S1
– What Head TI S6 and S1 Look Like
– What Head TI S6 and S1 can offer to you
– What are the Disadvantage of Head TI S6 and S1
– Head TI S6 vs S1

Tennis Racquet
Physically active is great when you need to keep your body fit and healthy as well as improving some health condition. Many people are choosing to walk, riding a bike or using the stairs now due to the rising awareness of lack of movement that we are experiencing nowadays. With the huge development in technology, it seems that many things becoming even more convenient and easy to get but, staying still and slouching off will degrade our body fitness level or even affecting our body weight in a long term.

To keep our body getting its dose of energy consuming movement, we can try being a gym member or spend more time riding a bike or jog in the weekend but, if you are preferring a more interesting activity that can satisfy your competitiveness, we can exercise with a partner whether you choose to run, trail biking or sports like basketball and tennis. Competitive sport is a very fun activity to do because we can interact with others and exert our body more to be the best.

If your friends can’t routinely gather together at a time to play as a team, one of the most fun sport to try is tennis. It has been very popular since decades ago and still being one of the most well-known or practiced sport for all age from children to elderly people. One of the best reason why you should do tennis is because it improves both fine and gross motor control skill such as movement, balance and overall coordination. Read also: Sunny Health and Fitness vs Ancheer M6008 here.

If you are already loving and interested to try the sport, we then need to purchase and have few items in hand including a pair of shoes made properly for the sport, a racket and of course the tennis ball. Just like when finding the perfect gear for your gaming hobby, we will also need to find the perfect equipment for the sport and we are specifically talking about rackets here. There are various type of tennis racket like traditional type, modern type, tweener, and power racket.

The most often we see used for non-professional people who just play for the activity is probably the modern and traditional type. The prominent difference between both of these models will be the power because modern racket offer light tool for attacking the ball at an aggressive angle for maximum spin yet the traditional is a low-power racket for those who provide their own power and want a too that offers control.

About Head TI S6 and S1
If you already making up the mind and decide to do the sport this next season, now is the best time to shop for a new racket because it will help so much on your activity and before going to hunt for one, it is good to decide which model to pick first because there are so many of them out there. Depend on the user’s need, those with more experience and time spent doing tennis will know the time they handle the racket.

However, if this is your first time shopping for one, it is good to stay with the favorite model in the market because it can help us eliminate much time spent to check each of the available options. When talking about tennis racket or sport gear in general, HEAD is one of the most popular name comes in many people’s mind. This brand has been around for quite some time offering good quality products and one of them is tennis racket.

This brand have lots of favorite tennis racket on their collection but not all of them will suit beginner or those who new into the game. If you need the one that has been used and popular ever since the model is release which is also suitable for any user, the TI S6 and S1 will be a nice pick. These model are released quite some time ago, probably decades but still available and loved by many users due to their versatility.

Both of them are very similar to each other and it is making users hard to decide which model to pick for their sport activities yet, they are equally on the longer part so in general they will give you more sweet spot to strike combined with the lightweight for extreme maneuverability. What’s great about them is many people seem to feel noticeable improvement after using either of the models. Before moving forward, the TI S1 we are talking today is the Supreme version which still very similar to the original model.

Head TI S6 and S1 Design
When you are looking for a tennis racket, there will be parts specified on their details and technically, Head TI S6 and S1 are almost like the same item when you don’t know which the more expensive is. The head size of these racquets are 115 square inches and when pre-strung, the whole unit will be heavier a little bit around 9 ounce for the S6 and 10 ounce for the S1 with equally 8 pts head heavy. They are also listed difference in flex or frame stiffness by the latter being slightly more flexible.

Head TI S6 and S1 Advantages
The first thing we love from either of these tennis racquets are because of they come ready to use by coming pre-strung so even for beginner, we don’t have to worry about getting them done at store anymore or learning how to put the string at home. All what we need to do is bring the racquet to a nearby court and play with your partner. In case the string snaps later, you can purchase any preferable strings out there or just used HEAD synthetic gut 16 silver.

Moving further, Head TI S6 and S1 are a light yet will provide you much control for the swing thanks to the equally oversized head at 115 square inch and both also 8 points head heavy combined with an open string pattern so we can get a maximum amount of power while not weighing your hand much to strike that ball. Thanks to the oversized head, there will be more sweet spot in your reach which tolerates shots that are not always hitting the center.

The main market for these racquets are beginner because they are equally easy to use and support the performance especially when you just getting started so there will be a surge of confidence as the improvements also increase and our ability to hit right in the middle getting more frequent. Its side effect is we won’t need to spend much energy while moving and trying to hit the ball with also less effort. Overall, both of them are suitable as well for users with short to medium yet solid swings.

Another similarities from Head TI S6 and S1 are the material because they are also equally made from the durable combination of titanium with an ultra-light graphite woven in which giving these racquets an extremely light feeling with S1 being slightly heavier but depend on some users, you may not realize it while playing. The 9-10 ounces weight will be a benefit for your maneuverability during playtime but you don’t have to be worrying about durability, in fact they are very durable.

To support the rigid power, these models has straight beam that slightly different because the S6 is at 28.5mm in which the S1 is at 26mm. Directly translated, this means the width of the beam around the racquet is thicker in S6 compared to S1 and it can be an indication that the first option is stronger or more powerful.

Head TI S6 and S1 Disadvantages
With those many plus sides, it doesn’t mean Head TI S6 and S1 are free from complaint because the issue when it comes to a lightweight racquet is always on the vibration they cause when used that experienced by the hands, elbow and shoulder. For a recommendation, we can opt to use a high-quality shock absorber as well to lessen the strain on our body while those professional users may want to look for a more challenging options since these two are doing too much of the work.

Now, let’s compare Head TI S6 with S1. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other and actually working the same as well on court but handling them side by side, the S6 is slightly lighter yet also less flexible compared to the heavier S1 which is somehow also slightly more flexible. Overall they are offering power yet still friendly for beginner but difference in price is quite far.

Head TI S6 vs S1

- The head size of the racquet is 115 square inches and is 1" head heavy
- The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm
- The string pattern of the racquet is 16x19
- The racquet is extra long in length at 27 3/4" and weighs 8 oz
- The Head Ti.S1 Supreme Prestrung Tennis Racquets
- Great for Mid-Level Players
- All-Around Performance
- Size - (See Description) | Color - (See Description)

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may not considering the same things and have the same preference. However, if we are to choose, we will go with the Head TI S6 because this model is slightly heavier and stronger to prevent more vibration being transferred on our hand and lessen the burden along with much power to strike the chance.