Nautilus U616 vs U618

Nautilus has been successful in producing gym’s or fitness equipment. One of them is Upright bike which is becoming the most favorite tools for among us who want to enjoy our workouts in our own home. And we will absolutely give you recommendation from some types of Nautilus upright bike. They are about Nautilus U616 and U618. Differently designed, they are also different in certain features.

Nautilus U616
Nautilus U616 Upright The bike comes with lots of great features to get good low impact cardio workouts in your home. The bicycle seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to get the most comfortable fit. 25 levels of magnetic resistance quiet and smooth. Incremental rise without any jerkiness. The oversize pedal features a plastic strap to provide a good solid platform and prevent your feet from slipping. The pedals are designed for use with athletic shoes. Handlebar covered which helps to provide better grip. There are elbow pads included that provide more comfort, making it possible to lean on them for a long time without sleeves getting sick and injured. Top view is greater than measuring 5 times 3 two ins. It has more than a graphical display of your progress. People describe us very good quality and some say it is as good as the quality of bikes they have used in the gym. (Read also: Nautilus R616 vs Schwinn 270)

Nautilus U618
The Nautilus U618 still appears to be a good quality machine for the price because it has a very solid frame that can support users up to 325 pounds, and provides you with endless workout opportunities with its 25 levels of resistance and 29 training programs. It also has a gel seat to reduce soreness and provide a lot more comfort, and has a high performance flywheel that delivers a smooth and quiet workout. Also, as with all Nautilus bikes, it comes with lots of extra features that will make your workouts more pleasurable, such as a media tray for your iPad, phone or tablet, built-in speakers to play your favorite music and a 3-speed cooling fan to keep you cool. Plus it makes full use of the latest Bluetooth technology to help you track your performance over time using Nautilus Connect or one of the other fitness apps. So if you are looking to buy an upright bike that has lots of workout options and extra features, I would say that this appears to be a very good option.

- Blue backlit Dual Track LCD display - two LCD windows display the status up to 13 workout details
- Bluetooth LE connectivity and Charging USB port
- 29 programs, 25 levels of resistance, 4 user profiles and more
- Acoustic chambered speakers for big sound
- Grip heart rate or telemetry enabled for chest strap
- Bluetooth connectivity offers a seamless transition of workout data to Supported Smart devices so you can Track your progress via the free Nautilus Connect app or to other fitness Apps
- Tilting sight line console with blue backlit dual Track tm screens
- 29 Nautilus training programs - include preset programs for heart RATE training, interval training, and weight loss as well as customizable training options
- Multi-position handlebars with integrated incline and resistance controls and adjustable Elbow rests
- Gel seat, heart RATE chest strap, speakers, charging USB port

Both Nautilus U616 and Nautilus U618 offer plenty of features, but in special case, Nautilus U616 would be more than adequate for their needs and would save you some hardly earned about some dollars. While Nautilus U618 is designed for more intensive use and provide over-longer periods of training.