No Xplode vs No Xplode XE

If you want to get the most out of every workout, you can try to enhance your performance by taking an energy supplement. There are two energy supplement products that are currently very popular; they are No Xplode and No Xplode XE. As you can see, these products are actually produced by the same manufacturer. But they do have some key differences. Depending on your need and condition, either No Xplode or No Xplode XE will be more suitable for you. Below, we will see the differences between No Xplode and No Xplode XE.

Functions and Benefits
Well, basically, both No Xplode and No Xplode XE are energy supplements. Their primary function is to increase your energy levels so that you will be able to train harder and better. But these two products differ in intensity. Let’s just say that No Xplode is the ‘normal’ level product, whereas No Xplode XE is the ‘hardcore’ level product. No Xplode is an all-in-one muscle building pre-workout powder designed for athletes who want to get increased energy, focus, and endurance, plus some muscle-building support. This is the suitable formula for most people. On the other hand, No Xplode XE is a more potent energy enhancer that will give you extreme energy. It is designed for athletes who need an intense pre-workout formula to get through the hardest workouts. Of course, the hardest workouts of an athlete is not the same as the hardest workouts of an average gym goer, so you still need to be careful when considering the product.

Both products’ main ingredient is caffeine, so you should stay away from these supplements if your body can’t take caffeine. Otherwise, caffeine is indeed a proven substance that can increase your performance. No Xplode comes with 275 mg caffeine, 1.8 g beta-alanine, 1 g pump blend, and 3 g creatine, plus DMAE bitartrate.

No Xplode XE, on the other hand, features a richer, more intense formula with 325 mg caffeine, 1.6 g beta-alanine, and 1.58 g pump blend. The additional ingredients include Guayusa leaf extract, Yohimbe, TeaCrine, huperzine, and Macuna Pruriens. As you can see, the beta-alanine amount is lower, and there is no creatine content. Hence, the main focus of this product is the extreme energy boost, and not muscle building.

- Supports focus, muscular strength, and power
- Advanced ingredient technology
- Amazing flavors and great mixability
- Super Leaf Extracts
- 325mg of Caffeine for Intense Focus
- 1.6g Beta-Alanine

No Xplode should be the choice for most people. It can boost your energy and concentration, at the same time supplying your body with some muscle-building support. Meanwhile, No Xplode XE can be your choice if you indeed seek a more intense energy enhancer for hard training and intensive workouts.