Schwinn A40 and 430

To stay healthy it is important to pay attention to our diet for nutrition intake and routinely exercise to burn excess calories and increase fitness level. If you are not very fond of going to gym and spend some time running or bicycling outside, using a fitness equipment like Schwinn A40 vs 430 at home […]

Sunny Health vs Schwinn A10

Our body is not going to get fitter by itself without the effort from our daily lifestyle and not only healthier diet, we also need to exercise routinely to achieve that ideal body of yours. If you are not fond of going to gym, purchasing a fitness/exercise equipment like Sunny Health vs Schwinn A10 can […]

Core Max vs Wonder Core

Below, you can read the comparison between two ab machines that look quite similar to each other, Core Max vs Wonder Core. Ab machines are designed to help you train various parts of your body so that you can have stronger muscles and a reduced waistline size. However, not all models are the same. Hence, […]

DeskCycle vs Cubii Pro

We will discuss the comparison between two under-desk elliptical trainers, DeskCycle vs Cubii Pro. Both products have been designed to allow you to exercise while working, so that you can maintain your fitness despite your busy schedule. However, DeskCycle and Cubii Pro come with different designs and features. Continue reading to find out which one […]

CycleOps Magneto vs Fluid 2

Are you confused between CycleOps Magneto vs Fluid 2? Below, you can read the detailed comparison between these two bike trainers. Although they come from the same company and seem to be similar, there are actually several important differences that set them apart. CycleOps Magneto is a decent model, but CycleOps Fluid 2 is better […]

TRX Pro vs TRX Go

The discussion below will help you understand the differences between TRX Pro vs TRX Go. Since the introduction of TRX training kits into the market, many people have been attracted with the idea of developing their muscles and fitness using a set of portable equipment. However, choosing the right training kit for your purpose is […]

FitDesk vs DeskCycle

Nowadays, people work full-time for nearly the entire day, and they even still have to deal with some tasks at home. They no longer have enough time to exercise and maintain their fitness. Hence, some companies have designed bike desks like FitDesk vs DeskCycle to help you exercise while working. Are they truly effective? If […]