PowerBlock Urethane vs Elite

Are you looking for the best PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell? Which is the PowerBlock model that you should choose? Many people agree that PowerBlock has some of the best adjustable dumbbells currently available on the market, but choosing the right model is not an easy decision. In the following article, we will see the comparisons between PowerBlock Urethane vs Elite, which are both popular lines loved by many people. Each model has different pros and cons, so make sure that you continue reading below to determine the most suitable choice!

About the PowerBlock Urethane Series
Just like what the name suggests, the PowerBlock Urethane series features weight plates made of urethane. This material is known for the superior resistance to abrasion, cut, and tear. In addition, compared to metal, its tolerance to oils, greases, and oxygen is much better. As the effect, it can withstand various environment conditions without rusting or rotting.

Because of this, PowerBlock Urethane’s dumbbells are preferred when durability and longevity are top priorities. The models belonging to this line have great durability, and they can withstand abuse without complaining. See also : Powerblock Classic vs Elite.

The PowerBlock Urethane series encompasses a wider range of weights. There are actually three different models that are all upgradeable. Each upgrade level is referred to as “Stage”. You can upgrade to the next “Stage” by getting the add-on.
– The U33 Set is available in Stage I and Stage II. The Stage I has a weight range of 3 – 21 lbs. You can buythe Stage I and then get the add-on later to upgrade to Stage II, which has a weight range of 3 – 33 lbs.
– The U70 Set has three stages. Stage I has as weight range of 5 – 40 lbs, Stage 2 has a maximum weight of 60 lbs, and Stage III has a maximum weight of 70 lbs.
– The U90 Set has four stages. Stage I has a weight range of 5 – 50 lbs, Stage II’s maximum weight is 70 lbs, Stage III’s is 90 lbs, and Stage IV’s is 125 lbs.

PowerBlock Urethane’s Pros
There are several advantages of PowerBlock Urethane vs Elite. First of all, it has better build quality and durability. The weight plates are made of urethane, which is generally more rugged and durable than metal. Urethane weight plates don’t require you to worry about rust, and they don’t rot. Maintenance becomes a less stressing task, although you still have to clean it regularly for the sake of your own convenience.

The next advantage of PowerBlock Urethane is the higher maximum weight. If you are a serious bodybuilder who wants to further develop larger, stronger muscles, you may need a pair of adjustable dumbbells that can give you heavier challenges. If this is the case, you should choose PowerBlock Urethane U90. Despite the name, it is actually upgradeable to 125 lbs (rather than 90 lbs), so it is a great choice for dedicated and professional users.

PowerBlock Urethane also provides more options. For women who just want to stay fit and in shape without making things too heavy, PowerBlock Urethane U33 is a good choice. You may not need the higher weight levels.It is available at a lower price point than the other models, while offering good usability and durability.

PowerBlock Urethane’s Cons
The first disadvantage of PowerBlock Urethane vs Elite is that the dumbbells are generally larger. If you compare a 50-lbs Urethane U90 with a 50-lbs Elite 50, you can see that the Urethane model is slightly bigger. So, it will need more space for storage.

Furthermore, PowerBlock Urethane’s dumbbells are generally more expensive. For example, the price of PowerBlock Urethane U90 Stage I is higher than the 50-lbs PowerBlock Elite 50. This is not really a big problem, though, because the higher price will give you better durability and longevity.

About the PowerBlock Elite Series
PowerBlock Elite series feature a pair of adjustable dumbbells that has a more compact and modern design. The weight plates, in contrast with the Urethane series, are made of metal. They feel solid and sturdy.

For sure, the PowerBlock Elite dumbbell is also upgradeable. You can start with PowerBlock Elite 50, which has a weight range of 5 – 50 lbs. You can buy the add-on to upgrade the dumbbell to PowerBlock Elite 70, which has a weight range of 5 – 70 lbs. Finally, you can upgrade once again to PowerBlock Elite 90 which has a weight range of 5 – 90 lbs.

PowerBlock Elite’s Pros
PowerBlock Elite can be a better choice if you really want to save some money. It is available at a lower price point. You can save a few tens of dollars for other purposes.

The second advantage of PowerBlock Elite is the more compact design. If you compare the equivalent models of PowerBlock Urethane vs Elite, you can see that the Elite models are smaller. This is a good thing if you have a limited storage space.

PowerBlock Elite’s Cons
There are several disadvantages of PowerBlock Elite relative to the Urethane series. First of all, the weight plates of the Elite series are made of metal, so they are more prone to rust. If you choose this model, make sure that you clean it every after use so that the weight plates won’t catch moisture from your sweat.

The second disadvantage of PowerBlock Elite is the limited weight range. Well, the 90-lbs maximum weight is already sufficient for many serious users, but it is already the top cap of the Elite series. If you want to go further, you should consider PowerBlock Urethane U90 instead, which is upgradeable to 125 lbs.

- Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells / 825 lbs of free weights
- Stage 2 (50-70 lbs), Stage 3 (70-90 lbs) and Stage 4 (90-125 lbs)
- With the expansion stages, this set does the work of 34 pairs of dumbbells / 3925 lbs of free weights
- Width and height: 7”W x 7.25”H
- Length - Stage 1: 12.5”, Stage 2: 14.75”, Stage 3: 17”, Stage 4: 20.5
- Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
- Has a weight range of 5-50 lbs per hand and increments- 2.5 (adder weight), 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, 50 pounds per hand
- Is expandable later to 70 and again to 90 pounds per hand.
- 10 year home use warranty
- Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells in the space of 1

In general, PowerBlock Urethane is more recommended. The dumbbells in this series have better durability, thanks to the urethane weight plates. They won’t rust or rot. In addition, it also has a wider range of options. You can choose the U33 or U70 model if you just want to stay fit and in shape. On the other hand, dedicated bodybuilders should choose the U90 models, which is upgradeable to 125 lbs.