Pyhigh Vs Pooboo

Affordable indoor bikes like Pyhigh Vs Pooboo are ideal for everyone who want to get in shape or train at home. These bikes are convenient and easy to use but still effective in burning calories and increasing physical activity without going to the gym. While similarly effective, they are not identical and if you want to know the difference, let’s see how these bikes work here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing Indoor Bike
  • What are Pyhigh and Pooboo
  • How is the Setup of Pyhigh and Pooboo
  • How is the Resistance System in Pyhigh and Pooboo
  • What are the Features of Pyhigh and Pooboo
  • How is the Experience with Pyhigh and Pooboo
  • Pyhigh Vs Pooboo

Exercising with Indoor Bike

We all want to get fitter because it makes you feel better overall. Exercises are an essential factor to incorporate into your daily routine, and even it just takes very little of your time. It is suggested to be physically active to prevent various lifestyle-related health issues. Exercising, in general, will help control body weight, reduce chances of heart diseases, help manage blood sugar levels, improve mood and mental health, as well as keep your mind sharp. It is also helpful for people who want to stop smoking.

One of the most common reasons people exercise is losing weight or getting back in shape. To exercise, you don’t have to go to the gym or leave the house. Moreover, it is safer to be at home in the middle of a pandemic like this. In change, we can exercise at home by doing aerobics or HIIT, which require no equipment. You can also buy fitness equipment that we can fit at home, such as treadmills, indoor bikes, recumbent bikes, barbells, dumbbells, etc.

If you prefer cardio equipment that is easy on the joints and beginner-friendly, an indoor bike is an excellent solution. This is also an excellent option for those who like cycling outdoors but currently stay at home. The advantage is bike mechanism will be easier on the joints and easy to start with. It can increase metabolism or burn quite many calories, depending on the intensity. It is also beneficial for your heart and lung health while developing the muscles.

About Pyhigh and Pooboo

Indoor bikes vary in price, so you can always find the one that matches the pocket. High-end or commercial stationary bikes will be pretty expensive, but they also last for a very long time and have extensive features. On the budget side, they usually come with the necessary features like resistance adjustment and basic training stats. But, it is great for beginners and people who are unsure whether they want to stick with the equipment and new lifestyle.

Among the budget options, we have Pyhigh and Pooboo stationary bikes that are both easy to pocket and easy to use. These bikes are currently sold for around $300 or less, which is very affordable considering they last for years. Like any indoor bike, we can exercise without leaving the house and burning more calories than just sitting around. The fact that you can still watch shows or read a book and listen to a recording while exercising makes the equipment versatile for many users.

While being quite more affordable than many similar indoor bikes, the Pyhigh and Pooboo do not lack features. All of the necessary features are included in the equipment, from the height adjustment to the resistance adjustment. The difference between Pyhigh and Pooboo is their resistance system, in which Pyhigh uses a pad while Pooboo uses magnetic resistance. Both will increase the difficulties to match your fitness level, so we can always adjust the strength required to pedal the bike.

Because they use a different mechanism to introduce this resistance, the level of adjustment is also slightly different. However, both bikes are equally effective in helping you become more active while at home. They are like a regular bike, and even if you don’t ride a bike for long, there should not be an issue because the equipment is stabilized using two large feet. Overall we recommend the magnetic Pooboo because it will require less maintenance in the future. Read also: Pyhigh Vs Yosuda here.

Pyhigh and Pooboo Setup

Like most fitness equipment, we will need to do some light assembly when the bikes first come. They are separated into several parts, but the main body is already assembled with the flywheel. Owners will only need to attach the base first, handle, and seat post. It took us less than 30 minutes to put everything together, and the bike was ready to use. The material is steel and feels rigid enough to sustain users up to 280 and 300 lbs. respectively.

The base or feet on these bikes keep the equipment stable while moving the pedal. The base is also featured with adjustable height, which is useful when your floor or surface is not completely flat. When the bikes are assembled, the total weight will be around 70 lbs. but worry not because there is a pair of wheels on the front feet to help us move the equipment around. Unfortunately, they are not foldable, so we need to remove at last the handle and feet for storing.

Pyhigh and Pooboo Resistance 

Now for the essential part, like mentioned above, the main difference between Pyhigh and Pooboo is their flywheel resistance. The Pyhigh uses a felt pad like a regular bike’s braking system, while the Pooboo uses magnetic resistance because the flywheel is made of steel. Both are simple mechanisms that you can easily see on the bike flywheel, right on the upper side below the main post. A felt pad or resistance mechanism uses a pad to create friction that will give you resistance.

There is a pad that gets in contact with the flywheel. This pad will slow down the wheel, making it more difficult to rotate freely. The pad distance to the wheel makes the friction adjustable, so the closer it gets, the higher the friction and the harder it is to move the pedal. On the other hand, magnetic use magnetic panels that don’t meet the wheel but will still affect. As we all know, steel is a magnetic conductor, so it will work with the magnet.

Rotating the knob to magnetic panel closer to the flywheel will introduce higher resistance or slow down the spin as it draws apart. At a glance, these mechanisms are not far different from each other, but the experience when riding and long-run maintenance will be different.

Pyhigh and Pooboo Features

Next are the features, which are virtually the same for both Pyhigh and Pooboo. First, you can adjust the height and distance of the seat from the handlebar. Second, we can change the height of the handlebar too. Third, the flywheel resistance can be adjusted using a knob located on the front tube or above the flywheel. There is no number on these knobs, so you have to remember their position if more than one person uses the bike at home.

Fourth their pedals are featured with a cradle or foot locker to keep our feet in place. It is made of plastic and is adjustable, but we are worried about its lasting ability, especially if you pedal with high intensity. Both Pyhigh and Pooboo are also offering a small display where you can find information about the exercise, such as speed, distance, and calorie burned; the Pooboo can monitor heart rate. Additionally, there is a small water bottle compartment as well.

Pyhigh and Pooboo Experience 

Lastly, for the experience, we think this is what set Pyhigh and Pooboo apart the most in practice. First is the very noticeable noise if you have used pad resistance before. There will be a hissing/whispering noise from the pad’s contact with the flywheel. It is not loud or noisy but noticeable if you have a small space to place it. On the other hand, the Pooboo is very quiet when you don’t put it on resistance, but still, it will create noise with resistance activated.

We think the noise level is comparable for both bikes, and Pooboo is not completely quiet. Another difference is the maintenance because the felt pad can be pretty easy to damage. The stronger you put the resistance, the higher the intensity. Usually, companies will put an extra pad or sell the replacement like Pyhigh. On the other hand, Pooboo is magnetic, and it will last longer than a regular pad. But note that Pooboo has several bikes, and some of them use pad resistance.

Pyhigh Vs Pooboo

Both Pyhigh and Pooboo are good indoor bikes to increase your physical activity. They are well built and very affordable. The difference between these Pyhigh and Pooboo bikes is that Pooboo uses magnetic resistance, making the movement slightly less noisy than Pyhigh. It also lasts longer than a regular felt pad, where you have to replace the pad from time to time when the resistance becomes less reliable. Features-wise, they are also very similar, but Pooboo has a heart rate sensor to view your pulse.

- Sturdy Indoor Stationary Bike, PYHIGH Exercise bike equipped with a 35 pounds effective bidirectional flywheel, thickened triangular steel frame, whisper quiet belt driven system, and Extra fixing device to avoid handlebar wobble, provides you a stable and safe riding during the workout. No need to worry about disturbing others during your workout at home.
- Personalized Indoor Cycling Bike, Extended seat adjustment (inseam: 25"-38.5"), extra-wide seat cushion meets the needs of people with different heights. 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar and 4-ways adjusted saddle reaches the requirement both for beginners and professionals. The cycle bike can be easily moved by transportable wheels. One stationary bike fits the whole family.
- LCD Monitor & Safe Pedals, LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling, keep and insist your fitness plans-lose weight/flat belly/muscle exercise/strengthen heart/enhance lung functions, etc . with these scientific dates. Non-slip cage-shaped alloy pedals with adjustable straps fit you well with different sizes of feet and full protection.
- IPAD Mount & Bottle Holder, Cycling with music/video makes more fun. A gift iPad/phone holder allows you to enjoy the workout more easily. A comfortable saddle allows you to ride for a longer time. Keeping a bottle of water in a bottle holder will be a good choice.
- ULTRA SILENT MAGNETIC RESISTANCE:Built with tension control system, it is convenient for you to customize your workout tension levels for an easier or more difficult workout. Designed with ergonomic resistance, ensures smoother and ultra quieter workouts while cycling, no worry for disturbing others. Virtually no maintenance. Belt drive mechanism.
- FULLY ADJUSTABLE:4-Way adjustable seat & 2-way adjustable handlebar give you most suitable riding experience. Steel toe-caged pedals designed w/ adjustable straps.
- SAFE &CONVENIENT: Emergency stop brake and handlebar-adjust tube bump for safety. Multi-use holder can support the tablet, phones, water bottle, and other things. 2 transportation wheels for easy movement and digital monitor for easy tracking workout data.
- LCD Monitor & HAND PULSE: The Digital Monitor will real-timely track and record your exercise time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse, so that you can know your progress and adjust your exercise plan in time. Hand Pulse Handle with pre-assembled exercise monitor. HEALTHY CHOICES: Adjustable resistance, make this exercise bicycle meet the needs of beginners to professionals. It lets you burn fat fast, exercise core muscles, and strengthen your heart.


The decision is all yours because the bikes are equally effective and useful for fitness at home. We recommend the Pooboo, while it is slightly more expensive because the bike has a heart rate monitor and is easier to maintain due to the magnetic resistance.