Pyhigh VS Yosuda

Indoor bikes like Pyhigh Vs Yosuda are ideal for you who can’t leave the house to exercise or prefer to cycle in the comfort of your home. These indoor bikes are an effective solution for cardio exercise and have resistance to match the user’s fitness level. If you want to improve fitness with cardio exercise, let’s see which bike will be the better choice here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Can You Lose Weight With Indoor Bike
  • What are Pyhigh and Yosuda
  • How are the Setups of Pyhigh and Yosuda
  • How are the Seat in Pyhigh and Yosuda
  • How are the Handlebar in Pyhigh and Yosuda
  • How is the Flywheel in Pyhigh and Yosuda
  • What else Pyhigh and Yosuda can offer
  • How is the Experience with Pyhigh and Yosuda
  • Pyhigh Vs Yosuda

Fitness with Indoor Bike

This pandemic reminds us how important good health is that some of us may be taking for granted. There are many ways to improve health but a balanced diet and being physically active are always two top reasons to gain better health and fitness. Thankfully, we have an almost unlimited source of information and tools to help us achieve better health in modern days. Visiting the gym or exercising will make you feel good both inside and outside.

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, we can do plenty of exercise at home too. There are various tool-less exercises and fitness equipment for your regular training. For those who love cardio, the indoor bike can be an excellent solution to be more active. This is an enjoyable way to burn calories without leaving the house, and you can do it while watching a show or listening to your favorite music and podcast. There are many affordable indoor bikes for different levels of fitness.

Can you lose weight using indoor bikes? Yes, just like any other exercise, the number of calories burned for each session will depend on the intensity of the workout and our body weight. We can burn more than 600 calories for an hour of exercise on the indoor bike while strengthening the heart, lungs, and muscles. We can cycle for 150 hours per week or at least 20 minutes per day to be fit for starters. The time and intensity can be increased as we get fitter.

About Pyhigh and Yosuda

If you are worried about investing in the bike, don’t be because there are plenty of options in the budget range to consider. As someone just trying to get in shape, some of us are probably unsure how much we have to spend or whether we will commit to the new lifestyle for long. This is why getting affordable equipment is great. First, you don’t need to spend a lot, and second, we get equipment to improve fitness while at home.

Some of the popular options in the budget range are Pyhigh and Yosuda, which range from $200-$300 in the US. These affordable indoor bikes are ideal solutions for everyone who want better fitness without leaving the house. They are also great to combine with other exercise equipment such as dumbbell or weight and resistance training to achieve a better result, especially if your main goal is to lose weight. The bikes are straightforward to use.

There is no notable difference between Pyhigh and Yosuda stationary bikes because the two use the exact mechanism and come with the same features. Like most stationary bikes, there is a resistance level that the user adjusts. It is not a fascinating mechanism, but it works pretty well for beginners and indoor training. Both bikes have the same set of features and are built with good material. The experience is also good, and they are not very loud when operating.

If budget is the most important, we recommend getting the Pyhigh because this bike is noticeably more affordable. Because both Pyhigh and Yosuda are using a pad to introduce resistance, do prepare an extra felt pad in case the one coming with the bike is worn out. The two feel solid when operating, and you can also find some information regarding the exercise from their display. Read also: Schwinn 270 vs Diamondback 510SR here.

Pyhigh and Yosuda Setup

One of the best things about Pyhigh and Yosuda stationary bikes is their assembly. Usually, your fitness equipment will require hours of assembly, and putting everything together can be stressful at times. These bikes are separated into several parts and only require a minor assembly. You will need to attach their base, seat, and the bicycle’s top. The main bike frame is a single piece, and the flywheel is already attached to the frame from the box.

The two bases that support your bikes have plastic padding to prevent scratching the floors. What’s impressive is both companies also provide level adjustment. There is a small grid on these feet to adjust the level of height of the base. This is useful when your floor or surface is somehow not completely flat. In addition, there is a pair of wheels on the front base to help move the equipment, so we don’t need to lift them entirely off the floor.

Pyhigh and Yosuda Seat

For the most important part, let’s look into what the Pyhigh and Yosuda stationary bike can offer. From the seat, both bikes are padded and adjustable. You can adjust the height, its length from the handlebar, and the angle. For height adjustment, there is a knob on the seat tube, and you can remove it to increase or decrease the seat’s height to match the length of your leg. The knob below the seat post adjusts its distance from the handlebar.

Pyhigh and Yosuda Handlebar

Moving on the handlebar, both Pyhigh and Yosuda also use the same type of design. It is in a “U” shape with several holding points. Personally, we prefer to hold the furthest point and rest both of our arms on the handlebar. This allows for a very low body position as your head and back are flatter, but if you prefer to ride straight, we can hold the handle closer to the seat. The seat height and handlebar height are also adjustable using a knob.

Pyhigh and Yosuda Flywheel

Shifting the attention below, let’s talk about the main part of Pyhigh and Yosuda stationary bike or the flywheel. This flywheel can spin freely or with resistance. How does the bike introduce resistance? It is through the felt pad like regular bicycle brakes. The pad gets in contact with the flywheel surface and slows it down, making it more difficult to spin. It is claimed to have 35 lbs. of weight resistance for both bikes. There is a knob that adjusts the pressure of this pad.

This knob will make the pad closer or further from the flywheel, and logically the more pressure or, the closer it gets to the wheel, the stronger the resistance. The knob is located on the bike’s top tube, so it is easy to access even while pedaling the bike.

Pyhigh and Yosuda Features

Next, we also want to look at the additional features, and like many fitness equipment, we have a display to show various information here. The computer is connected to the flywheel to collect data, and you can find information about elapsed time, current speed, calories burned, distance, and odometer. There is no built-in exercise or program to follow. For this type of added feature, you will need external devices like smartphones or tablets. There is a small holder to place your book or tablet on their handlebars.

Pyhigh and Yosudan Experience

Coming to the overall or exercise experience, the Pyhigh and Yosuda are pretty much the same. We like the upright style of these stationary bikes because it forces your body to always be in an athletic position, similar to when riding a regular bike. It is more tasking than a recumbent bike and is perfect for those with no health issues. We are surprised to hear how smooth their flywheels are. Usually, indoor bikes with flywheels can be pretty noisy, but we don’t find them loud enough to cause discomfort.

The resistance is also working well and is good to match your fitness level. Our only complaint is the lack of lettering or numbering on these knobs, so we can’t remember which setting to use, especially if more than one person is using the bike at home. Additionally, this may be subjective, but the seat of Pyhigh and Yosuda is not the most padded and comfortable. We heard some people want to change the seat because it is too stiff for prolonged exercise.

Pyhigh Vs Yosuda

Both Pyhigh and Yosuda are ideal for users who want to start an active lifestyle. They are more suitable for beginners who want to buy affordable fitness equipment with high value. There is no noticeable difference between the Pyhigh and Yosuda stationary bikes that we can pick up and affect the performance. A flywheel cover on Yosuda is missing from Pyhigh, but this doesn’t affect the resistance or its overall experience.

Yosuda is also shipped with one additional pad for when the first is worn out, but Pyhigh provides this replacement part with a separate purchase; the slight price gap can be used to buy the extra felt pad. The build quality is the same, and they are quick to assemble.

- Sturdy Indoor Stationary Bike, PYHIGH Exercise bike equipped with a 35 pounds effective bidirectional flywheel, thickened triangular steel frame, whisper quiet belt driven system, and Extra fixing device to avoid handlebar wobble, provides you a stable and safe riding during the workout. No need to worry about disturbing others during your workout at home.
- Personalized Indoor Cycling Bike, Extended seat adjustment (inseam: 25"-38.5"), extra-wide seat cushion meets the needs of people with different heights. 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar and 4-ways adjusted saddle reaches the requirement both for beginners and professionals. The cycle bike can be easily moved by transportable wheels. One stationary bike fits the whole family.
- LCD Monitor & Safe Pedals, LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling, keep and insist your fitness plans-lose weight/flat belly/muscle exercise/strengthen heart/enhance lung functions, etc . with these scientific dates. Non-slip cage-shaped alloy pedals with adjustable straps fit you well with different sizes of feet and full protection.
- IPAD Mount & Bottle Holder] Cycling with music/video makes more fun. A gift iPad/phone holder allows you to enjoy the workout more easily. A comfortable saddle allows you to ride for a longer time. Keeping a bottle of water in a bottle holder will be a good choice.
- Smooth Stationery Bike, 35lbs flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame of the exercise bike guarantee the stability while cycling. The belt driven system provides a smoother and quieter ride than chain transport. It won't disturb your apartment neighbors or sleeping kids.
- Personalized Fit Exercise Bike, 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar, 4-ways padded seat (inseam height 25-35in) and a large range of resistance give users a comfortable indoor riding experience. Workout your muscles / lose weight / enhance heart /lung function. 270 lbs weight capacity.
- LCD Monitor and Ipad Mount, The LCD monitor on exercise bike tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer. The gift Ipad holder allows you to enjoy exercising and music at the same time, making it easier to keep exercising.
- Safe to Use, The adjustable cage pedals on exercise bike protects you from a fast ride. Press the resistance bar to stop the flywheel immediately. The water bottle holder allows you to replenish water in time. Transport wheels help you easily move this cycle machine. All parts are protected and your little baby can't reach them.


There is no wrong choice here because they work well. We recommend Yosuda because it packs an extra pad, so we no longer have to order and pay for shipping. But, performance-wise, these bikes are effective as cardio exercise and useful to help you get fitter at home.