Rushfit vs Tapout XT

Do you want to get a good and healthy body? If yes, then you should probably start training in the gym right now. It is very common that people try to get their best form in the gym throughout tons of training. But don’t you think that it is wasting too much time and money? And the worst part is that your result won’t be guaranteed just by using your own training method. That’s why many people have started to get training programs. In this case, you can try the Rushfit or the Tapout XT. Rushfit is the training program which offers the fast and efficient series of workout to give you the maximum result in minimum time. Rushfit claims that by taking this program you can get happier eat better and look better. On the other hand, Tapout XT is the home based programs which offer the routine fitness and enhance your potential to reach the optimum body transformation through the dynamic and entertaining experience. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Rushfit offers you intense training, and it guarantees the result if you do it properly. The key of Rushfit is about the intensity and time management. Rushfit offers the eight-week programs with seven workouts which focusing in 6 primary areas of training like strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, balance, and agility. TH workout package includes the 6 DVDs and two training guides. On the opposite, Tapout XT is emphasizing in the intense cardio, plyometric, calisthenics, and flexibility training. The program includes the combat style workout, and it has gained its popularity through the entertaining training, and its popularity rises even further through the TV show. The package itself is including the 12 DVDs which have 12 different and intense workouts.

If you ask about the popularity, then the winner is clearly the Tapout XT. We can’t deny the fact that people usually get bored doing the same exercise again and again. That’s why with a little variation in the training method makes Tapout XT loved by many of its users. Rushfit itself is not that bad in term of giving a good result. Many of its users noted that the motivators and trainers are mostly a fantastic people who give a lot of extra motivation while doing the exercise. On the other hand, Tapout XT is also very excellent. Tapout XT not only offers the entertaining experience, but it also has the effectiveness of its programs. Its programs are time efficient, and you will be able to lose weight in no time. The difference between these two can be seen in its result where Rushfit’ result is more about a muscular body, Tapout XT itself is more about weight loss and lean body result.

- Total-body, MMA-style conditioning circuits led by St Pierre's trainer Erik Owings challenge you from head to toe while building muscle mass and burning fat
- Fitness regimen consisting of seven high intensity workouts on six DVDs, with two training guides to help you manage your nutrition
- Six primary training areas: Strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, and balance and agility
- Everything you need comes right in the box and there's no weights or pull up bars to buy
- You get 12 different (MMA) inspired workout programs to test your muscles and your mind plus a Bonus Strike Training
- Each combat style workout combines MMA-style kicks and punches with intense cardio, strength, flexibility and core exercise to tone your entire body

So in overall both products offer the different approach. Rushfit offers the fast and motivational training. On the other hand, Tapout XT offers an entertaining, longer and more stable training. So if you are concern about which one you need to choose, you’d better try to figure out which type that you really need.