Sole E95 Review: Well Built Elliptical Trainer for Just Everyone

An elliptical trainer, sometimes also called a cross-trainer or an X-trainer, is an exercise machine that simulates the activities of stair climbing, walking, and running without causing excessive pressure to the joints of the user, thus decreasing the risk of impact injuries. Because of this very reason, elliptical trainers are loved by many people, especially they who suffer from joint pain or any other injury. People without any injury are also recommended to use this machine because it offers reduced injury risk without lowering the effectiveness of the training. Now, if you are looking for an elliptical trainer that is suitable for just everyone, you definitely should consider getting Sole E95.

Sole E95 is certainly one of the best elliptical machines available out there. It is a well-built machine. It features a sturdy and rugged construction with high-quality components, a decent size suitable for all people, and sophisticated features. It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users, hence making it a very good choice, too, if you are looking for an elliptical trainer that can stay reliable later down the road as your physical ability grows.

The heavy-duty 38 mm steel frame already speaks for itself. The frame is incredibly strong and sturdy, and we can immediately believe that the machine is indeed able to hold a user up to 400 lbs in weight. However, the overall size of Sole E95 is quite large, so you will need to make sure that you have sufficient room to put and operate it. The machine measures 82” long, 31” wide. The height is 67”. It is quite heavy at 215 lbs, but the transport wheels provided with the machine help a lot in moving and positioning. The size of the machine makes it suitable for almost any person. Well, it is great for people with medium and large physicality; small people can still use it, though they may find it not as comfortable as a smaller model that fits them just right.

Sole E95 is equipped with a 27-lbs flywheel and 20 resistance levels. With these features, Sole E95 can easily provide the right challenge for all skill levels. You can start from the lowest resistance level if you just start training, and gradually increase the level as you grow in strength and endurance. The incline is adjustable from 0 to 20 degrees, and the stride length is adjustable from 20” to 22”. You can easily adjust them through the 10.1” console screen. There are 10 workout programs and Bluetooth for data sharing with fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and iHealth. The Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to use a smartphone or tablet to act as the program monitor.

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There are several convenience features built on the machine. There are two cooling fans to keep you cool and fresh while working out, a water bottle holder, a secure holder for your smartphone or tablet, and built-in speakers to play some music. Listening to some high-BPM music while working out is great and fun!

Specifications of Sole E95
Dimensions: 82″ Long x 31″ Wide x 67″ High
Item Weight: 215-LBS
Weight Capacity: 400-LBS
Compact / Folding: No
Incline: 0 – 20 degrees
Stride Length: 20 inches (adjustable 20” to 22” stride)
Programs: 10 programs
Fan: Yes
Flywheel: 27-LBS
Other Features:
Power adjustable incline level
Includes the heart rate strap for heart rate monitoring
Tablet computer can function as the control center
Bluetooth for connectivity and data sharing
MP3 compatible, comes with built-in speakers
Transport wheels for easy portability

Pros of Sole E95
– Well-built, with a sturdy frame and durable high-quality components
– The 27-lbs flywheel and 20 resistance levels provide the ideal challenge suitable for all people from all ability ranges
– Incline and stride levels are easy to adjust
– Has Bluetooth for easy data sharing
– Has built-in speakers for playing workout music

Price of Sole E95
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