Sunny Health vs Schwinn A10

Our body is not going to get fitter by itself without the effort from our daily lifestyle and not only healthier diet, we also need to exercise routinely to achieve that ideal body of yours. If you are not fond of going to gym, purchasing a fitness/exercise equipment like Sunny Health vs Schwinn A10 can be very helpful as well so we can do them at home. For those who want to do their exercise at home, go check our article below and pick the one suit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for an Exercise Equipment
– What are Sunny Health and Schwinn A10
– What Sunny Health and Schwinn A10 Look Like
– What Sunny Health and Schwinn A10 can offer to you
– How to Transport Sunny Health and Schwinn A10
– Sunny Health vs Schwinn A10

At Home Exercise Equipment
All of us want to get healthier and fitter because health is something we need to enjoy our life and let us do various activities we love for longer. In the last decade, people are becoming more conscious about their health which is why we can see so many diet methods offered to help you achieve the level of fitness we always dream of and many new gyms in the block to accommodate the rising demand of routine exercising equipment.

Obesity is one of our serious problem in the U.S since this condition threat the patient life due to various diseases it can attracts. Our daily lifestyle play an important role on the fitness level itself so we have to pay much attention on what we eat as well as make sure we are burning much calories to avoid gathering too much fat in our body. Change is never easy and this is why there are so many people failed when it comes to lifestyle change.

However, anything that brought a good benefit will be worth the effort both in short and long term. If you already have a healthy meal plan and are commit to it, now is the time to make the body move for we still have to burn the calories and increase metabolism as well as improve our energy level. Exercising looks painful at the beginning but our body will eventually get used to it after a moment so we need to always adjust the intensity depend on your goal.

When it comes to exercise, we have almost unlimited options out there from doing outdoor activities to monthly subscription at your favorite gym. Gym is very useful to help you find motivation and use the suitable equipment to help you reach the goal as well as getting the help from professional but, the problem is not all of us like to go to gym for different reason from having small children that can’t be left alone to just don’t prefer to workout in a room full of people.

If you are one of us, it is good to do your workout outside such as bicycling, running or rowing and if you need something to keep you sweating at home, purchasing some exercise/fitness equipment is a good idea. The key is to match your budget with the kind of exercise you like better because we have different preference and for people who loves cardio workout and have budget in the hundreds, picking a fix, stationary/spinning bike stand is a great way to let you do rides at home.

About Sunny Health
If you already have an image of what kind of at home exercise/fitness equipment to have, now is the time to look for the actual item and due to the huge demand, we also see there are so many of them offered by different manufacturer and even one company usually have few models on their catalogue. If you want a high quality spinning bike, Sunny Health may have the option with their Pro Indoor Cycling Bike which is loved by many of its users due to the reliability.

This stationary/spinning bike is one of the brand’s basic style which is very suitable for people who don’t like to fiddle with many things and only want to spend some time pedaling to burn calories and improve fitness. Sunny Health can be used by anyone due to its simple operation and high quality material so we can pedal at ease which is the highlight point of this bike. It also has adjustment to let us decide the seating position and the resistance level as well.

Sunny Health Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, this spinning bike is coming with a very sturdy frame that we adore so much because not only it can last longer but also don’t worry us as much when using a fragile looking one. The width of the bike is 20-inch with 46.5-inch height and 48.5-inch length so we can place it easily at our living room or storage room when not in use. The weight limit itself is up to 275 pounds or 124.7 kg to accommodate more users.

Sunny Health Resistance and Adjustment
What we love the most from Sunny Health Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is the amount of adjustment it offers because while the unit looks simple, it allow user to adjust almost everything from the handle bar, seat and tension. Let’s talk about the tension first and similar like many other stationary bike, it has tension adjustment to make sure we are getting the proper exercise by turning the knob below the handle to increase or lower them and mimicking natural feeling for example when climbing on a hill.

It allow the user to adjust the handlebar and we also like this feature because in total, it provide 4 different hand placement for different impact; overhand grip, hook grip, extension grip and time trial grip to make sure we can pedal as we prefer. It is also adjustable to be taller or shorter depend on the user height along with the seat which can be adjusted to be lower, taller, forward or backward for a more personalized position. Read also: DeskCycle vs Cubii Jr here.

Sunny Health Additional Feature
The item weigh almost 50 kg or 108 pounds which can be very heavy for many of us so Sunny Health is also featured with two small wheels at the front to let us transfer the unit easier by just tilting the bike until the wheel touch the floor and then we can push them around.

About Schwinn A10
Since we have so many options, it is good to also look at what the competitor have to offer because we never know if we will found a better option or an item with features we prefer more. Sunny Health indeed is a good option but it still lacks something which you may look in a stationary/spinning bike and it is the stats or information provided because the former doesn’t have any monitor and if you are looking for one, the A10 bike from Schwinn is here for you.

While the monitor sure looks promising, what we love the most from this bike is its price point itself since the A10 is more affordable than many similar items out there. It is an upright bike and offer pedaling position like the one we used to when riding a bike which mean we can either sit or stand on the pedal but not to be confused with spinning bike like Sunny Health, this model is a stationery type.

Schwinn A10 Design
The Schwinn A10 is designed to give you the experience of bicycling outdoor with its fairly straight form factor and compact size. It is measured about 47.5-inch tall, 16.5-inch wide and 27.5-inch long which is not very large for a stationary bike so those who lives in small housing and apartment can fit the machine as well. It is rich in features including water bottle holder, pedal holder and several adjustments to let us personalized the exercise.

Schwinn A10 Resistance and Adjustment
As for the resistance, Schwinn A10  is using belt drive with a perimeter weighted flywheel inside the shroud we can see at the front of the bike so it produce a very low sound and similar like any resistance bike, it allow the user to set the resistance up to certain level and here it is maxed at 8 so novice and those with more experience can adjust the energy they have to spend while pedaling. In addition, this bike also have 7 preset programs we can choose through the control panel.

Coming with an LCD screen means there are whole lot of information we can get from this stationary bike such as speed, time, calories, result and probably the most interesting heart rate. This screen is very intuitive and very useful especially for people who want to track their exercise. On the adjustment part, both of the handlebar and seat are adjustable with the handlebar offer 3 types of positions. As for the seat, it can be only shorter or higher without back and forward option.

Schwinn A10 Additional Feature
The bike is actually very light in our opinion compared to spinning bike because it only weigh about 57.7 pounds so some of us may able to just lift it when moving the machine. However, it is inconvenient so Schwinn A10 is also featured with transport wheels to allow user move it with less effort. On the maximum capacity, the bike can hold user up to 275 pounds.

Now, let’s compare Sunny Health with Schwinn A10. As you may already know, the basic difference, between them is on the type itself because Sunny Health is spinning while A10 is stationary bike which mean Sunny is able to provide more resistance and heavy pedaling. The other prominent difference is on their feature since A10 is offering an LCD packed with information in which the other have none.

Sunny Health vs Schwinn A10

- Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort
- Adjustable Inseam Height Max. 41 in/ Min. 28.5 in
- Smooth and reliable chain drive mechanism
- Adjustable Felt Pad resistance system with Emergency Stop Brake
- 7 Preset programs: 6 profile, 1 quick start
- 8 levels of resistance to keep you on your toes
- High speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth and quiet workout
- Large LCD console tracks speed, time, RPM, distance, calories, results and heart rate

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference so it is better to follow your own need. We do like both of these bikes but for those who only need to maintain their body and stay fit or prefer to see more related information, Schwinn A10 is a good model to pick with a reliable performance and affordable price.