TRX All in One vs Gymnastic Rings

Being healthy by changing our lifestyle and habit is sure a challenge because we need to be very disciplined and routinely following the activities as well as doing a healthier diet. For those who want to get in shape while leveling up their gymnastic skill can use the help from TRX All in One vs Gymnastic Rings since they are very helpful for an at home exercise. If you confused about which to choose, see what they can offer below before going to shop.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why doing Healthy Lifestyle
– What is Strength Training
– What are TRX All in One and Gymnastic Rings
– What TRX All in One and Gymnastic Rings Look Like
– What TRX All in One and Gymnastic Rings can offer to you
– TRX All in One vs Gymnastic Rings

Healthy Lifestyle
In the world where fitness level is affecting how we appear in society, it seems that more and more people starting a new lifestyle where they need to move more and be discipline about their routine. Seeing a fit people is sure attractive and somehow also tempt us to follow their step in getting a more toned up muscle or a lean body figure so we can wear that swimwear confidently in the next summer. However, just like with any change, it is never easy to move out from one’s comfortable spot.

This is why we have to gather all of our will power and be as consistent as we can in attempt to be healthier. If you already starting to cook at home and choose a more balance diet with eliminating processed foods that are mostly not going to help our new lifestyle, we also need to start moving the body with exercise or use the daily activities as a way to burn calories and be active. Read also: Body Rider vs ProForm here.

About Strength Training
With the wide variety of exercise we can try at gym or home, there should be no more excuse on neglecting our body. All type of exercise is good but make sure to fit and find the one to support your goal the most with additional concern about health issue if you have one. The most common exercise are usually cardio and weight lifting which is great for our fitness level even more when combined. But, comparing the two weight lifting is showing longer impact and is burning more fat than standard cardio.

If these type of exercise doesn’t seem interesting and require some tools or equipment to do, why not try gymnastic and suspension training. This trend has been very popular and widely practiced by fitness enthusiast thanks to CrossFit. The reason why this exercise or strength training attractive is because of the minimum tools compared to another similar strength training like weight lifting and still give a high impact in your body. Due to its trend, we can see people works out with their gymnastic ring here and there including social media.

Another great benefit on why we think the tool can be a nice option is because of its versatility for we can virtually installed it anywhere. For example we can hung it from a ceiling, a tree, steel beam, attached to a pull up bar or even in your laundry post as long as they are strong enough to carry the weight.

About TRX All in One
Strength training is a nice pick but depend on the equipment we choose, it can be harder or easier to start with yet, the best thing about it is we can customize them as needed and target body parts that ask more concern. If you are new user and just find strength workout interesting, one of the best equipment to have in your house is TRX. This brand is well-known as a resistance or suspension training that won’t require much to start and setup.

We are sure you also familiar with this name of fitness equipment especially for those who live in North America since it is used by a majority of athletes. What’s interesting is it also tested by various fitness trainers and by the CEO of the brand himself. This equipment is designed to give you an efficient strength training right at home without having to deal with large, complicated and expensive machines. While we do said it is good for beginner, it can be challenging as well especially for people who are not fond of core workout.

TRX All in One Design
TRX has several model on its catalogue but for the main suspension training, they have Home or All in One and Pro version in which currently upgraded to Home 2 already yet we can still get them at various stores like Amazon. The main difference between these two version is on their handle because Home is said to have a foam handle and the other is Rubber so it will last longer and better for buyer who plan to use it together with other users.

The package comes with all the things we need to quickly install the equipment and as for the Home or All in One version in our article, it has the suspension training strap, indoor/outdoor anchors, workout guide to help you start the journey and a free App.

TRX All in One Features
As you may already guess, TRX is not a full body weight trainer because our focus here is to use some of our body weight to train the muscle as a strength training while being resist by the equipment which mean we can’t lift our whole body up or use 100% of it for some part need to stay on the ground whether it is your foot or hand while we control how much weight being put on the resistance band.

This give an easier start to exercise compared when doing strength training with full body weight like with gymnastic ring. The next thing we love from TRX is it comes with all the accessories we need to install the equipment including the door anchor. With this accessory, we can use our door as a replacement of poles, hooks, bars or anything we may not have around the house. In addition, they also provide a simple guide so we can try various area that match our goal.

About Gymnastic Ring
The hardest part of finding a home fitness equipment whether it is just a resistance band or a complicated machine that can track our stats real time is deciding which model will suit us better. This is because not all of us have the same taste, preference and goal added with fitness level so it is understandable that those loved by our friends or colleague may not work as we want. If you think the TRX All in One is not challenging enough, Gymnastic Ring will give you a more power to go.

Gymnastic Ring is very popular and made by various brands out there but one of the best is those made by Nayoya Wellness. This gymnastic ring is probably among the simplest you can get in the market and while TRX is already very simple to use, this one is even simpler especially on the setting up process. It is made sturdy and useful for people who love gymnastic in general or those who want to get an aesthetically pleasing body with toned muscle without the need to pay much.

Gymnastic Ring Design
As simple as a fitness equipment can go, the Gymnastic Ring by Nayoya is only coming with the ring and belt to hang them on something without any complicated things to fiddle with. Since it can only be installed one way if you use with the set it comes with, the key is to find a bar or hook and anything similar to hang the rings as long as they are strong enough to hold your body weight. As for material, the ring is made from hard plastic with a non-slip coating.

Gymnastic Ring Features
As it has been mentioned above, TRX is relying on resistance band so we can’t put all our body weight on their handlebar but for Gymnastic Ring, this fitness equipment is capable of holding your body weight so we can go at full strength without the need to secure some weight on the ground. On how challenging it is, the answer will be as clear as the day that it is harder to use because we will need more time and a fairly solid body to pull those movement.

Overall, Gymnastic Ring is more for professional or those with more experience since it is more difficult to start with. What makes it less versatile is due to being a full body exercise, we have to hang them on a solid plank or bar which we may not have around the house so we will need to carry it outside and find nearby park or instalment with a strong enough steel to workout.

Now, let’s compare TRX All in One with Gymnastic Ring. As you may already know, both of them are very useful to help you stay in shape or increase fitness level but TRX is friendlier with beginner as a resistance equipment in which the other is a full body strength training. Both are easy to install but comparing the two, TRX is easier to setup both indoor and outdoor.

TRX All in One vs Gymnastic Rings

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- WORKOUT ANYWHERE! TRX easily anchors to doors, rafters or beams at home OR anywhere outdoors to trees, poles or posts! Weighing roughly 1 pound, TRX Travels Light & Fast—and has even been Safety-Tested to Support Up To 350 Pounds of Resistance!
- TAKES 5 MINUTES TO SET UP, USE AND ADJUST providing you with a great home gym substitute
- UNLIMITED BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES; Ring training is a very mobile and versatile way to engage your muscles and core with exercises such as pullups, pushups, dips, rows, muscle ups for a functional and varied free range of movement
- THE PROPER WAY TO INSTALL THE STRAPS is to go from underneath the buckle and slide the straps in the same direction the arrow on the buckle is pointing to; Note where the arrow points on the buckle for proper installation; Proper installation will ensure that your straps will be secure and non slip
- DEVELOP the aesthetically pleasing physique of a gymnast while strengthening your core, tendons, joints and accessory muscles

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different fitness level and preference so it is best to fit them with your preference. However, if we are to choose, we will go with TRX All in One because it is easier to set up and use as well as suitable even for beginner.