TRX Home vs Pro

TRX training kits have become very popular lately. Many people join the trend in the hope of developing their muscle mass, strength, and cardio performance. There are several different kits available, such as Home and Pro. Below, you can read the detailed comparison of TRX Home vs Pro to find out which one that is best for your purpose.

After reading this article, you will gain a good understanding about:
– The suitable users of TRX Home and TRX Pro
– The build quality and features of each training kit
– The available workouts on each training kit
– The warranty of TRX Home vs Pro
– Which training kit that is generally more recommended for you

TRX Home: Overview
TRX Home is a fitness training kit that is designed for people who want to exercise at home, or wherever they are. It is a relatively simple yet very useful bundle that will allow you to train your muscles without having to spend so much money for a home gym. If you want to improve your fitness but unable to go to the gym, it can be a great solution. See also: NordicTrack C990 vs Sole F63.

According to the manufacturer, TRX Home has been optimized to allow easy and quick set-up in less than one minute. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor training. The portable training kit can be easily brought along when you are on the go.

You can use TRX Home vs Pro in various setups. You can install it on a door, a tree branch, a pole, or anything that is sturdy enough to hold your body weight. Then, you can use it for suspension training or even cardio training. It is quite versatile.

Both TRX Home and TRX Pro include several downloadable workout guides. There are printable and streamable materials included in the purchase. You can mix and match the workouts to achieve your goal. So, you are your own trainer; you can create your own custom workout and progress at your own pace.

TRX Home: Design and Features
TRX Home is quite lightweight, as the whole set only weighs 1.4 lbs. However, the build quality is very good. The manufacturer claims that TRX Home has been tested for safety and is able to support up to 350 lbs of body weight and more than 900 lbs of resistance. So, you don’t need to worry about the durability; just make sure that you are buying the real product instead of a cheap knock-off.

The handle grips are made from dense foam. They are very comfortable to hold. They also feel quite solid. They don’t lose their shape or become flat, even after an intense workout. Unfortunately, the dense foam is not antibacterial. It will absorb sweat, and the moisture will create an ideal environment for bacteria to live in. Make sure to clean them every once in a while.

TRX Home only has two anchor options, which are door anchor and suspension anchor. This is one of the major differences between TRX Home vs Pro. With the door anchor, you can install the training kit on your room’s door. However, you should make sure that the door is strong enough to withstand your weight. Meanwhile, with the suspension anchor, you can install the training kit on a pole or tree branch. It does not have the proprietary Xtender anchor.

The carabiner of TRX Home is tough and durable. It can support up to 6KN (more than 1300lbs) of force. The locking loop is made from polyester with a slip guard, whereas the equalizer loop is made from Nylon 6 with a self-leveling mechanism for variable feedback. The foot cradles have neoprene padding for comfort. For adjustment, there are barrel lock adjusters with a low-profile steel-slide mechanism. TRX Home comes with a mesh carry bag which is lightweight and portable.

TRX Home is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. However, the warranty is only applicable for personal use. The warranty will be void if the training kit is used for a commercial purpose.

TRX Home: Included Workouts
TRX Home already comes with several workouts. You can choose the ones that suit your purpose, and combine them to create a custom workout routine that will help you progress at your own pace.

The printable workouts come as PDF file. There are 7 printable workouts in total. In addition, there are 6 video workouts that you can stream during your exercise. Five of them has a 15-minute duration, and one has a 30-minute duration. The workouts are designed for training arms & shoulders, legs & hips, chest & back, stretch, and total body.

Unfortunately, this model does not include the TRX mobile app. It is available as a separate purchase. It has a video workout library and a bunch of custom workouts from expert coaches, from whom you can also receive real-time feedback and encouragement.

TRX Pro: Overview
TRX Pro is a training kit that is intended for trainers and coaches who work to help a wide range of clients. It has been designed to be suitable for both beginners and dedicated athletes. The core concept is the same as TRX Home, but it comes with enhanced build quality and a more complete feature set.

Unlike its more affordable sibling, TRX Pro is suitable for both personal and commercial purposes. It does not mention anything about quick installation, but the process is still fairly easy and intuitive. The most highlighted benefits of this model are the higher quality grips, enhanced durability, adjustable cradles, and anti-theft design.

TRX Pro is really versatile when it comes to setup. You can install it in many ways, so you can always find a way to exercise wherever you are. The training kit also includes various workouts that you can mix and match to create a custom routine.

TRX Pro: Design and Features
The overall shape of TRX Home vs Pro is still the same, but there are notable differences. The weight of the whole set is still only 1.4 lbs. So, it is still portable enough and easy to carry around although this training kit is not specifically designed for traveling.

TRX Pro has handle grips that are made from antimicrobial rubber. They are durable and comfortable. They are also quite slip-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally losing your grip and falling down. Thanks to the antimicrobial material, the handle grips can remain in good condition for a fairly long time. They are easy to clean, too.

TRX Pro comes with three anchoring options. There are door anchor and suspension anchor methods, just like TRX Home. The third option is the proprietary Xtender anchor. It is designed to provide extra length and enhanced security when you need to install the TRX Pro training kit at a high anchor point or on a thick vertical point. The Xtender anchor has a total length of 37 inches, so it is really useful in some situations.

You can actually use two or more Xtenders together. The manufacturer recommends using one Xtender for an anchor point with less than 25 inches of circumference, and two for an anchor point that is thicker than that. The Xtenders are really strong and durable, just like the main unit.

The carabiner is corrosion-resistant and theft-resistant with a pin lock security. It can support more than 1,400 lbs of force. The locking loop is constructed from reinforced polyester with a slip guard, and the equalizer loop is made from the ultra-durable DuPoint Kevlar for extreme strength and wear resistance. There is also a self-leveling mechanism for variable feedback.

TRX Pro also has comfy neoprene foot cradles. It includes a mesh carry bag for easy storage and transport. The limited warranty goes for 1 year; however, you may use TRX Pro for commercial purposes without making the warranty void. So, it is indeed a great choice for trainers and coaches.

TRX Pro: Included Workouts
TRX Pro comes with 12 printable workouts and 9 video workouts. There are comparable training programs to the ones provided by TRX Home, designed to target various parts of the body. However, there are also more advanced training programs, such as TRX Trainer Basics, TRX Endurance Circuit, and TRX Metabolic Blast.

A trainer or coach may find these training programs valuable. You can mix and match different workouts to suit different clients.

In addition, there is an 8-week challenge program in a PDF file suitable for people who want to get dramatic improvements on their muscles. Unfortunately, TRX Pro also does not include the TRX mobile app. It is available separately. It is not an essential part of the training, but it can be pretty handy for finding the latest workout routines.

TRX Home vs Pro

- Includes TRX suspension training P2 Model
- TRX Door anchor (door anchor is located inside of the nylon bag) , TRX storage bag
- 2 Bonus workouts TRX endurance circuit and TRX metabolic blast
- 65-Minute basic training DVD & full-color 35 page workout guide (guide located inside DVD case)
- OUR MOST COMPLETE TRAINING SYSTEM! Features the Pro3 Suspension Trainer, 3 Suspension Anchors, Durable Textured Rubber Grip Handles, Padded Foot Cradles, Pro-Trainer 8-Week Workout Guide & 8 Training Videos to your limits. Download the FREE TRX App to plan & track your workouts and be coached by world-class coaches!
- RESULTS MATTER - TRX gives you the ability to realize your potential and achieve all your fitness goals. Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility. You set the bar, and TRX will help you get there!
- SAFETY-TESTED – TRX is safety-tested to support bodyweight up to 350 pounds of bodyweight and over 900 pounds of resistance. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive knockoffs. TRX has been used for over 10 years by the US Military, Pro Sports teams and world-class athletes worldwide. TRX Pro3 includes a full One-Year Warranty
- HIGHEST QUALITY - Our TRX Pro3 Suspension Trainer is made with the highest grade webbing, extra-durable components and commercial grade materials. Not exaggerating - This product will outlive you!

Between the two, TRX Pro is generally more recommended. It has a tougher, more durable construction. It also has better features, including more anchoring options and better handle grips. There are more training programs included, which can be very useful. The one-year warranty will remain valid even if the training kit is used for high-volume or commercial use.