TRX Pro vs TRX Go

The discussion below will help you understand the differences between TRX Pro vs TRX Go. Since the introduction of TRX training kits into the market, many people have been attracted with the idea of developing their muscles and fitness using a set of portable equipment. However, choosing the right training kit for your purpose is not exactly straightforward.

Continue reading below to learn further about:
– Who TRX Pro and TRX Go are intended for
– The comparison of their build quality and features
– The included workout programs that come with them
– The warranty of TRX Pro vs TRX Go
– Which TRX training kit that is better and more suitable for you

TRX Pro: Overview
We discussed about the comparison between TRX Home vs Pro in a previous article. This time, we will see the differences between TRX Pro and TRX Go. They all are portable training kits that you can use to train various muscles of your body without spending too much money. You can exercise wherever you want. These training kits are great for people who don’t want to purchase a home gym machine or spend money on a gym membership.

TRX Pro, in particular, is a training kit that has been designed for coaches or trainers who want to help a wide range of clients. It has been optimized so that it can benefit both beginners and dedicated athletes. Compared to TRX Go and TRX Home, TRX Pro has a much better build quality and a more advanced feature set.

TRX Pro is suitable for personal use as well as commercial purpose. So, you can use it for your own training. Or, if you are a trainer, you can use it for your clients’ workout programs. The set-up process of TRX Pro is quite easy, intuitive, and quick. TRX Pro comes with high quality grips, adjustable cradles, an anti-theft mechanism, and an enhanced durability.

The set-up is versatile. It can be installed on many platforms in several ways. So, you can find the best way to install the training kit in any environment to get the most optimum workout. The bundle includes several workout programs which can be mixed and matched to suit your purpose.

TRX Pro: Build Quality and Features
Despite the upgraded build quality, TRX Pro vs TRX Go actually don’t have much of a weight difference. After all, these portable training kits aren’t too large and don’t come in too many pieces. The whole set of TRX Pro weighs only 1.4 lbs. You should have no problem carrying it around in your backpack.

TRX Pro comes with a pair of handle grips that are constructed from antimicrobial rubber. The handle grips feel very comfy yet durable. They won’t collect your sweat, so they will remain relatively hygienic and easy to clean. Plus, the handle grips are slip-resistant, so you won’t lose your grip even if your hands are sweaty. The antimicrobial rubber grips are really nice.

This training kit offers three anchoring options for the installation. First, there is a door anchor which will allow you to set up the kit on a door. Make sure that the door is tough and sturdy enough to hold your body weight. Second, there is a suspension anchor, which will enable you to install the kit on a tree branch or a pole. Third, there is the proprietary Xtender anchor, which can be really handy and useful.

The Xtender anchor will give you some additional length when installing the kit at a high anchor point (such as a tall pole) or a thick vertical point (such as a fat tree branch). An Xtender has a total length of 37 inches, so it can be really useful in some settings. You can use two or more Xtenders together if the anchor point has a circumference of more than 25 inches. Needless to say, the Xtender is really durable.

The carabiner can support more than 1,400 lbs of force, and features a pin lock security mechanism. The locking loop is made from reinforced polyester with a slip guard to prevent slipping. The equalizer loop is constructed from DuPoint Kevlar to ensure the best strength and wear resistance. It has a self-leveling mechanism to provide variable feedback.

TRX Pro feature neoprene foot cradles which feel really comfortable. A mesh carry bag is included for storage and transport. TRX Pro is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, which is applicable for both personal use and commercial use.

TRX Pro: Included Workouts
One of the biggest differences between TRX Pro vs TRX Go is the number of included workouts. Depending on your purpose, you may benefit from having multiple workout programs to choose from.

TRX Pro includes 12 printable workouts and 9 video workouts. This is way more than what TRX Go has. The workout programs are targetted to various parts of the body, including the arms, shoulders, legs, hips, back, and chest. There are also advanced workout programs, such as TRX Trainer Basics, TRX Endurance Circuit, and TRX Metabolic Blast. You can mix and match these workouts to provide the best routines for different clients.

TRX Pro also comes with an 8-week challenge program. It is recommended for people who want to face a greater challenge in order to get dramatic muscle and strength improvements.

TRX Go: Overview
TRX Go, in a glance, looks pretty similar to its more expensive siblings, TRX Home and TRX Pro. However, on a closer inspection, you can find a number of differences. Overall, this training kit has a lower build quality and a more limited feature set, which is not surprising because of the more affordable price.

TRX Go is an entry-level training kit that is designed for beginners. It has also been optimized to be portable and travel-friendly. So, you can bring it along when going on a trip, so that you won’t have any excuse to skip your exercise. It is for personal use.

However, it is not as versatile as TRX Pro. It only has two anchoring options, so it won’t be able to work in some environments. The included workout programs aren’t much. This is why the higher TRX training kits such as TRX Home and TRX Pro are more recommended if you can afford them.

TRX Go: Build Quality and Features
If we compare the weight of TRX Pro vs TRX Go, it is true that TRX Go is lighter. It may seem like a benefit if you need a highly portable training kit. However, the weight difference is not that much, as TRX Pro is already quite lightweight. TRX Go weighs 1.0 lbs.

TRX Go is equipped with two handle grips that are made from dense rubber. It feels quite comfortable and durable. You can grip them with confidence, as they are quite slip-resistant. Unfortunately, it is not the same antimicrobial rubber like the one used by TRX Pro. So, you will need to take care of the handle grips so that they won’t become too dirty and gross.

TRX Go has two anchoring options, which are the door anchor and the suspension anchor. So, you can install the training kit on your room’s door, or on a tall pole. You can set up the whole thing within 60 seconds. But TRX Go can’t work with the Xtender anchor. As the effect, you won’t be able to use it on a fat tree branch or a very tall anchor point.

Despite the compact and lightweight design, the company claims that this training kit can hold a maximum user weight of 350 lbs and more than 900 lbs of resistance. Unfortunately, TRX Go is not equipped with advanced security features, so it is not recommended for any extreme workout activity.

TRX Go also includes a mesh carry bag. You can store all of the pieces in the bag. This is very handy when you need to travel with it. TRX Go is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. However, keep in mind that the warranty is only applicable for personal use, as this training kit is not intended for commercial use.

TRX Go: Included Workouts
When choosing between TRX Pro and TRX Go, you may want to consider what workout programs that are included in the bundle. For personal use, you probably don’t need too many different workout varieties. But you still want to have some options to choose from.

Unfortunately, TRX Go only comes with 2 printable workouts. It is only suitable for beginners who just want to get started and see how TRX trainings work. It does not have any video workout. Nevertheless, the company claims that this training kit already covers all the seven foundational movements: pull, push, hinge, plank, lunge, squat, and rotate. You can actually unlock various exercises using these foundational movements.

TRX Pro vs TRX Go

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In general, TRX Pro is more recommended. It has a much better build quality. It has antimicrobial rubber grips and adjustable neoprene cradles. It comes with more security features and anchoring options. Finally, it has more included workout programs that you can mix and match for your purpose.